Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Exclusively Feeling... Remember

Once upon a time he watched me and wanted me. He looked at every piece of me and noticed when I had freshly arched my eyebrows. That was always sexy to me. It was the little things. The things shared on the long late night conversations, via IM and WEBCAM, through text messages and picture mail. It was all the little things that seemed to turn me on and crave each and every opportunity to hear his voice and know how and what he was feeling. I wanted to know his dreams and passion. He shared. He was open regardless of what happened in his past. He was open to getting to know me and let me know him. He cared about what I thought and what I felt about subjects.  Often anticipating the chance to look into his eyes and see his soul.  Be able to have that conversation face to face - ear to ear and possibly be able to bein his arms as he tells me how it was and how his spiritual was the most powerful worth to his being and how he wanted to share it with me.  Share that and all of him.  The thought of us emerging was special.

There were conversations about what he liked and didn't like.  The place he wanted to be touched and how he liked to licked while being touched there.  The encounters among us and some that were behind us.  The opportunity of pleasure hundled around conversations of passion, pain and ponderings.  Often inquiring if time was realized.  We spoke.  We had conversations. We watched and listened and shared.  He enjoyed my assets and liked this and this and this and this and this.…. and he really liked my that.  I showed him how I liked that too and he watched and paid attention.  He thought of me with his heart and told me that it was never meant to expolit.
He made me blush and give into my sexy. I generally know it’s there but it was on fire whenever he was around. Top of mind and in my heart. It felt good. It felt special and it was passionate without the penetration yet quite orgasmic. I mean have you ever sat back and felt them there when they weren’t. Catch a breeze and then smell them near. The smell of them that makes you tingle and get that special moisture. Have you ever thought about the places, positions and strengths in your weakness with them?  Take a second or maybe even a minute and flashback to that time when it was new, fresh and beautiful.  The time it took to learn them and feel then and sincerely notice their genuine attirubutes.  The thought of something that makes you smile in that private meaningful moment. Smile and reflect, try not to react and remember.
Remembering the time when you had that special someone and then want it all again. It is those times that you want them exclusively. Have you ever had that moment? Do you remember the details? Care to share.

Words, Peace and Blessings,


Passion's Daughter said...

Oh.My.God! I am loving this. And yes, I too have had my moment. I can't say that it was as orgasmic as yours but the empowerment of it all, did things to me. See, I invited him over after just having read Zane's "Sisters of the APF" and it was all good. It was more than I could imagine so he is my go-to person for that come-in-the-door-say-nothing-get undressed, buddy. You got me wanting to make a call right now bringing up memories and all LOL! That's the ultimate and I am all about ultimate pleasure, girl!

FreckleFace said...

right on sista. I love to hear that. I fyou make that call, handle it like a champ for me too. LOL!

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