Monday, January 11, 2010

peep show fantasy

I wish that I could watch you watch me. 
See my every little move and all of the things in between. 
Watch me desire you and type you a naughtly little something. 
Then possibly touch me there as you feel you here.
I would feel all the words typed across the screen
trickle down the back of my neck then down my spine. 
It makes me twinge a bit and offers mild chills
that make the hairs on my arm erect with curiosity. 
I would look into your eyes and share pieces of me
with naughty words that make you blush with satisfaction.
you know i love it when you type real slow to me

 to know what you are thinking as you see me. 
Are you paying attention or are you having your own fantasy of me?
looking at you, looking at me makes me dream
rubbing, touching, carressing and you watching
tell me what you are thinking as you see traces of me
as I wish that I could hear you want me
peep the show.


JStar said...

Love it :) Sexy...

Citizen Ojo said...

I was waiting for a video...ha ha ha ha..

Freckles said...

watching can be sexy. Thanks JStar.

Citizen, it is always good to hear from you. There has to be something left for the imagination. I know you know something about that sir.

Dewey's System said...

this was really good writing. erotic, stimulating, and very sexy.

i like it a lot

Freckles said...

awwww... thanks Dewwy. preciate that.

1manview said...

Very erotic and well written... Thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment. It was appreciated..

Citizen Ojo said...

oh....ha ha ha

Freckles said...

1manview, of course. I enjoyed myself there - I will be back.

ooooh...Citizen, ha ha!!!

abstract1 said...

You a mutual situation...can be very satisfying...

Freckles said...

abstract1, very true.

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