Saturday, April 28, 2012

NY to LA: WestCoasting

The week of Easter one of my close girlfriend's from college came to LA from NY.  We affectionately refer to this trip as the Clash of the Coasts.  I really looked forward to this time with my girl.  She is a good time and I am always having a new experience.  One of the things about living in LA is that there is so much to the city that is tourist themed.  When you have friends from elsewhere come to visit you have to get out of your comforts and let them see things that make them think of the WestCoast but when my NY comes to visit she wants to see where I hang out and what the "locals" do which is kind of cool.
She wanted to meet some of my local friends too which I love she wanted to be in my real life.  Not to mention we always have a great time together.  I am so glad that the weather was perfect.  Warm and Sunny (the epitome of So Cal).  When she came to visit last year it rained the entire time she was here so there were some places that we were not able to go. 
She flew into town on a Saturday morning and we went got some food & had some drinks, caught up on each other lives and made plans for the next few days.  Since I am getting re-aquainted with my MOJO I struck up some conversations and made a couple of new friends.  There is a local sportsbar that is pretty cool that we went to that ended up being a good time.  We had a few more drinks and struck up some conversations...
On Easter we went to church which i was glad that she enjoyed as she is a different denomination but she said she really enjoyed it and felt very welcome.  We hung out later that night. Monday we went to one my favorite breakfast spots, shoe shopping and spent the rest of the day at the beach where we had a very refreshing picture of Mojitos at a beach side bar.  May have never been there otherwise.   It was awesome. It is times like this that I can genuinely appreciate living here compared to anywhere else. LA is home for me but I have to say that living other places and having different experiences has opened my eyes to more than home. 
Everytime she and I get together we have one super fancy dinner so we went to Crustaceans in Beverly Hills with my mom which ended up being fabtastic.  We also always have to go to Roscoe's which made for the perfect time for NY to meet NikkiTreats (my local buddy that will be having a posting on my blog shortly).  I love when my friends from different worlds click.  It's nice.  We talked and talked and talked.  I loved it and I took lots of pictures. 
It was kind of sad to see her go and it was wonderful to have her here.  I enjoyed the visit and look forward to EastCoasting before the summer is out.


TemptingSweets99 said...

"Clash of the Coasts"? LOL! I like that description. What a nice visit you and your friend had. That's wonderful.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Sounds like you two had a great time! Your description had me feeling like I was there with my mojito too. Glad you two were able to catch up and have some fun.

Freckles said...

It was indeed wonderful. We are very different personalities but we mesh well. It has always been like that. It was a good time.

Freckles said...

We did. We dont always get to talk as much as we like due to the time difference so it was good to just be all the way myself with someone that knew me as I was coming into myself. The Mojitos were super refreshing.

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