Monday, September 14, 2015


The possible potential of happiness looms right in front of his face, often in his thoughts and is sometimes heard from lips once kissed on a regular basis.  From lips to ears his desire slips from the history had and all those great times caressing limbs of what use to be.   He continues to be conflicted by THISTHIS potential is easy, relaxed and simple.  There are no real complications or any unnecessary drama.  THIS is more than a perception with more than just potential yet it goes unrecognized due to the comfort of THATTHIS is not just a fantasy or about change attempts or even just comfort.   THIS is full of possibilities but his fear of THIS opportunity lingers overhead invading his motives but why not choose to be happy with THIS comfort?

 He can get with THIS, or he can get with THAT.
He should get with THIS, for THIS is where it's at

THIS is not in the habit of comparing about THIS vs THAT especially when there is not much for comparison.  THIS is more than history.  THIS is about the chemistry THIS is more than a notion.  THIS can’t be dreamed up or imagined.  THIS is go with the flow, fun and familiar.  The familiar is theoretical.  THIS is what’s known yet there’s always a surprise with an unexpected dose of multiple joys.  After all, THIS is always full of surprises.  THIS is all about him and making him better while keeping his aspirations in mind and THAT is not ‘bout THIS life.  THIS embodies his dreams, desires and is destined to be great for him and with him.  THIS wants the best for him and constantly encourages him.  THIS likes who he was, is and will be as growth is inevitable regardless of THAT.  There’s always choice.

He can get with THIS, or he can get with THAT.
He should get with THIS, for THIS is where it's at

Seeing THIS and looking at THATTHIS and THAT are not of the same breed.  They are not the same kind of woman but there is something about THAT which keeps him involved.  He seems to like/love THAT but there is still something about THIS keeping his interest.   If he wants THAT, he should not keep wanting THIS yet there is always choice.  One chooses who they spend their time.  Time should never be wasted.  THIS understands and knows him in a way of function, interaction and emotion.  He is not the kind to always speak upon matters yet THIS knows how to deal.  THIS understands all of his pleasure points while knowing and acknowledging his disposition.  THIS wants to feed his cravings, nurture his gratification while fulfilling him to satisfaction.  THAT can never keep up with THIS activity, however THAT is his choice.

He can get with THIS, or he can get with THAT.
He should get with THIS, for THIS is where it's at

It is often wondered why not THIS vs THAT but then again why.  It is a wonder to have all the questions with no answers.  Especially since He was once in tune with THIS chemistry and enjoyed all THIS had to offer yet THAT is what he continues to claim.   Regardless of THIS ridiculous chemistry this always just feels real good.  It just seems to be simple in theory.  While being comfortable is an accomplishment to some THAT is not always what makes one happy.  

Is you happy?

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