Monday, October 1, 2012

35 Before 35 - Update

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday so I am on a mission to get these all done in the next 2 years
35 BEFORE 35

1.                  Get a new passport – I plan on doing this as soon as possible.  I have some big plans and it is necessary to have.

2.                  Hookah Lounge

3.                  Step Class (ole school Chicago stepping)

4.                  See Jill Scott in Concert again (she is amazing and I love her).  It would be awesome to see her in Philly and then go to an Eagles game (perfect)

5.                  Go to a Eagles game in Philly

6.                  Host a wine tasting event

7.                  Go on a cruise – stamps on my passport

8.                  Vacation with my girls – a real girlfriend getaway

9.                  Host a brunch start to finish at my house (garden party) – I love to cook so I want to plan the menu, decorate, make real invitations – the full event (I’m crafty).

10.             Build my savings

11.             Attend the Essence Festival and actually attend the concerts

12.             Develop a creative business for myself that I will actually grow

13.             Put a dent in my student loans – That awesomely wonderful  HBCU education is/was expensive

14.             Complete my book(s) and publish them

15.             Move out of Los Angeles again (improve my quality of life by growing up)

16.             Vacation with a man that I love (hopefully but we shall see – this is an entire post of its own)

17.             Start bartending again – I miss it.  I miss the social aspect the intensity and if you don’t use it you lose it)

18.             Stay involved with my Alumni Association (Fisk University)

19.             See a Broadway Show in NY

20.             Take a craft class (possibly beading)

21.             Build another scrapbook of something monumental event

22.             Purchase a fantastic pair of Designer shoes

23.             I would like to be married or at least engaged

24.             Visit some of my blog buddies or at least one (there are a couple that I would like to meet in person – they already know who they are)

25.             Go Camping with all the specialties. I am not really and outdoorsy chick but I have had some conversations that make it sound fun.  It will be a group outing that I will have to coordinate.  I am getting kind of excited about it.

26.             Learn more about wine and sangria

27.             Start sewing (using the machine that I already have for real – I need to make something good.  My mom has these awesome patterns from the 70s when she made all her clothing.  I admire that about her.  She tried to teach me when I was younger but I lacked interest).

28.             Take my mother and grandmother on a vacation

29.             Road Trip by way a Diners, Drive in and Dives – I love Guy

30.             Ride in  Hot Air Balloon with someone special

31.             Grow a garden.  Not truly my thing but I hear that it is relaxing.

32.             Sky Dive

33.             Become more involved with Diabetes Prevention Charity

34.             Visit Daddy’s grave – still haven’t been.  I need to make that happen.

35.             Convince my friends to hold me to this list.


TemptingSweets99 said...

Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true!

Don said...

Numbers 14, 24, 28, 34 stood out the most to me. Good luck on completing this list Freckles and once again Happy Birthday to you.


JStar said...

LOVE your plans!! Well if EVER in DC look me up! I would LOVE to hang out with you and take you to a poetry event :-) You remember Jason? You know he is in the area and I FINALLY met him in person. In fact we have pics on my FB page...

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY!!!!!!!! *throws confetti and glitter* I hope you are enjoying today and I wish you many more to come! Blessings!

Now here you go inspiring me to compile a list as well! I hope I can get my laptop working later because I need time to think lol. Hookah is awesome, girls vacays are great, passport stamps are fun to talk about. I skimmed this list yesterday and have been waiting for 30 years to take a vacay with the man I love...I guess this patience is a virtue thing comes into play now? Anywho, it's ya' birthday!!! Have a drink for me!

1manview said...

Happy belated Birthday. Just got my computer back up or i would have been on time.
Love your list, can't take life for granted. Make that trip with mother and grandmother a must have. I understand not visiting your father resting place just yet. I haven't visited my mother's either. I know she understands... I hope your Birthday was a wet one, if not, there's still the weekend! :)

Love and peace

Freckles said...

thank you so much. it was a long good week but a few of my dreams havent come into fruition just yet. trying to be optimistic.

Freckles said...

i enjoy that you have a list of numbers that are of interest to you in particular. thank you. My birthday was a blessing - thanks for the love.

Freckles said...

Thanks sis. I appreciate that. I amctually hopinf to be in DC next year. I will keep you posted.

thanks again for joining my FAN PAGE on FB

Freckles said...
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Freckles said...

thanks Missy Poo!!! I love glitter.

I had a couple of drinks for you. I suppose that I should blog about it. It was a rough week for me - ha.

Waiting on a list. I am catching up now. Feel like I am always behind on my blog buds...smh.

thanks again doll.

Freckles said...

thanks so much!!! It was good. It was not as wet as I would have hoped. I am hoping that something will moisten. we shall see.

Mahogany said...

I love your list! I hope you don't mind if I steal your idea. I especially like the roadtrip DDD stlye. Love that show! Happy Belated birthday!!!!!!! Did you do anything?

Freckles said...

please feel free hon. I love that show as well and there are books with all the places that he goes and the food he ate too. It is a fat thought but it could be fun. I am hoping that you will be one of the first bloggers that I meet since you are somewhat local.

My birthday was good. We went to GS in Westchester for Taco Tuesday and it turned into the club for real. thanks sis.

Reggie said...

Go ahead, get 'em done!!!

BareFoot Countessa said...

Thats a great list Jill Scott definitely one I would love to see again a real soul diva!

Freckles said...

I am going to do my best.

Freckles said...


Thanks for reading Countessa

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