Thursday, October 4, 2012


October 2 Birthday
YOUR RULERS - Venus, Saturn, 
October 2  Birthday interpretation.

The element of air holds a strong influence in relation to this October 2 Libra birth date and, as result, can indicates an individual who is not only a good conversationalist, but also one who is likely to have excellent communication skills.

You could be a good researcher in that, by your very October 2 nature, you are the type of person who will, once you have gained an interest in a subject or something, will determinedly pursue every aspect in great detail order to find out everything that you want to know about it. You are one who can dig out the slightest clue to whatever you are searching for, and then to be able to follow up on it until it materializes in the form of results. As an October 2 birth date you are endowed with the ability to be able to identify, and to see clearly, the wider implications of your own experiences and then, to be able to share the reality of that knowledge with others in a wide reaching manner. As an example these can be the skills of a writer, and in this respect you could quite possibly have a career or vocation path in the field of journalism.

The October 2 can become highly charged at times, and especially so on those occasions where you are faced with too many matters and/or decisions to deal with at the same time. You mind can become over active with all sorts of thoughts and possibilities, many of which may never actually materialize in any way. At other times, you can be quite calm and able to dismiss those more volatile mental thoughts and activities. It is under these circumstances you will find that you will become able to comfortably engage in some of your more favorite activities. It is when you can be alone, and at total peace with yourself, that you will find that the answers to your questions or problems of the time. They will tend to seemingly materialize out of your mind, and provide you with the right answers and courses of action that you need to take. 

As an October 2, you are endowed with friendly pleasant nature, a fair share of personal decisiveness, and a good charisma.  Other aspects associated with this day can indicate some major upheavals in life, but in the main, when related to this particular birth date, this could take the form of significant life challenges such as important trips or journeys (business or otherwise), or a move of home and family to another place.  Yours is a path in life of cultivating and developing the strength of your personality through curiosity, investigation, research and self- expression. This will necessitate you in utilizing your self-confidence in day- to-day affairs, with the view and intention of developing your wider potentials in life.  As example, through your dedication and involvement in what might mistakenly be termed the routine circumstances of life, you are on a day-by-day basis building a better world about you through the development of your strength of character, and that of your personal integrity.

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Well I do so hope that you had a very very happy birthday!!!

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