Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 30: Peace or Silence


I am THANKFUL for the tranquil moments when my thoughts are still and sometimes SILENT.  Those are the moments when the phone isn’t chiming or ringing, no buzzing, no laughter, just me sitting still and alone in the SILENCE listening and hoping to hear.  I have been going through and I get caught up in my emotions often.  I pull back from friends and loved ones.  I take a break and chill in my solitude.  Seeking and hoping to hear from God.  Seeking and hoping for some PEACE and/or control.  PEACE of mind. Inner PEACE.  PEACE and order. I am THANKFUL that sometimes it is necessary to have SILENCE to reach a PEACEFUL state of mind.

I am THANKFUL that I am at PEACE with my daddy being gone.  I still seek PEACE of being in this life without him.  I often have a moment of SILENCE in his honor.  I am THANKFUL that he looked at PEACE and now rest in PEACE with his mother (my grandmother – May she rest in PEACE).  I am THANKFUL to know PEACE and aspire to know it more.
May we all have a moment of SILENCE for all those loved ones that may rest in PEACE.

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