Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 29: Weather or Seasons

I am THANKFUL for the RAIN.  Today it’s RAINING in Southern California though they sang that it never RAINED.  It doesn’t RAIN often but when it does, it's failry cool though Angelenos completely freak out and get all kinds of crazy when it RAINS but it has moreso  been drizzling.  Outside of the crazy the RAIN is calming.  I am THANKFUL for it.  There is something about RAIN that is cleansing and peaceful. 
I use to hear that the RAIN was God’s tears.  We all cry, well most of us cry and Lord knows I cry enough for most.  I cry when I am happy sometimes though I would rather be shopping or joyfully drinking.  MAKE IT RAIN.  I cry when I am sad and most times it’s a grief stricken moment or maybe life is squeezing lemons in my eyes.  LET IT RAIN.  I cry when I am frustrated and/or overwhelmed.  LET IT RAIN.  I cry.  I release.  LET IT RAIN.  I make room for other emotions or change of season.  LORD, THANK YOU FOR THE RAIN.  It may be na├»ve but I am THANKFUL for believing that the RAIN is God’s tears.  I am THANKFUL that He needs to release.  The RAIN brings cleansing and the air is fresh.  I am THANKFUL for the RAIN.

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