Saturday, November 10, 2012


I am THANKFUL for GIFT GIVING.  I am huge on giving great gifts.  They are usually well thought out and very personal.  I love to be able to give to those that I love and care about.  It is in the little things.  The other night I was helping a friend and her boyfriend with a project.  I was really tired and not all that enthused with being out but she said that she needed the help.  So I sucked it up and made it do what it did.  She mentioned that she liked my earrings which I had made (metal works jewelry class).  After the end of the night I took them off and gave them to her.  She called me today to tell me that she has been wearing them and has been receiving a lot of compliments.  She said she loves them and really appreciated it.  I thought it was pretty cool that she called me days later to tell me that.  I didn’t think of it as being any sort of deal but she said that it meant a lot to her.  I am THANKFUL that I was able to make her happy.

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