Sunday, November 11, 2012

FTOTD: Believe in Yourself

Believing in Yourself

If you think about it, you would become aware that credentialization, certification, authorization and validation share a common definition.  Each is a process in which someone else tells you how good you are or are not.  There are areas in which people must be well trained and equipped to handle the demands of their craft. However, there are also judgments attached to the words "credential," "certificate," "authority," and "validity."  These judgments have a subtle impact on the human psyche.  The implication is that something outside of you can make you okay.

You may think that because you don't have the credential or the certificate, you do not have the authority to be.  Perhaps because you are afraid of not making the grade, not being okay in the eyes of someone else, you have convinced yourself that you are not okay.  What no one apart from yourself is going to tell you or convince you is that, with the power of a made-up mind, you are authorized to do anything you choose.

There is nothing more validating than belief in yourself and your abilities.  If you believe you have the power, the power is yours.  There is no credential, certificate or authority beyond the power of a made-up mind. There comes a moment when you must decide that you are going to believe in yourself.  When that moment comes, you become aware that outside authority is the icing. Your mind is the cake!  

Starting today, accept that there is a place in you where you are just fine. Make it your business today to tap in to that place.

Keep On Keepin On…
Have a Wonderful Week!!!

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