Wednesday, January 6, 2010

White Men Can't Jump

Freckles may consider a white man test drive in 2010 - LOL.

Don’t get me wrong or have me misunderstood. I hella love black men but I am trying to be open to something new or simply open my mind - broaden my horizons a bit. And really, it is just a consideration at this moment. I will not be on a white man hunt nor will I be giving on brothas at all.
Honestly, here is where I am coming from on this subject. I grew up in Las Vegas, NV in a predominantly white neighborhood. My first crush was a blonde hair blue eyed boy named Jesse Marshall who lived across the street. We played together all the time and he ended up being one of my best friends. I didn’t even really have any black friends outside of my parents’ friends’ kinds that would come to visit from out of town until I got into the 6th grade. In Las Vegas, you attend 6th grade center which is close to downtown, so I was bussed to school and that is where I met the boy who would be my first tongue kiss - Marshall singleton (chocolate juicy lipped brotha that sealed my infatuation with dark brown skin). Middle School in Rockford and High School in Los Angeles - both predominantly black and College at the illustrious Fisk University, HBCU - fell hell in love with brothas. Since then I have not really been too open to dating others (anything other than brothas). So, why limit myself? If I really want to be considered open minded even if my preference is Black men. Why limit my options? There are white men that could be wonderful options if he is truly interested in me...genuinely so why not give him a chance or at least get to know him the same way that I would get to know him the same way that I would a black man?
Now on the reverse
They are not better and some of them ain't shit too. Folks have issues no matter what their race/color. I am not going on a hunt for a white man but if the opportunity presents himself, I may be open to him; After all I may make a new friend.

Either way, I love men and no matter black, beige or white - I like to admire them all and there are a few that make me wanna...
ladies, enjoy the eye candy....

Freckles Over and Out!!!


S Jones Aka Shirley said...

Yes! I Feel You On This Post... Men Are Really At The End Of The Day Just Men.....There Are All Different Flavors And Varieties Why Limit

JStar said...

I have been thinking the same thing...I live and grew up just mins from DC and there arent many white men here, esp not in my schools growing up...So needless to say the only men that has ever approached me is black men...Hince my daughters being mixed...But at my job now I have had two white men flirst with me, one married and the other way too young for me...But hey, yea I would go there...and always would have..Just no one approached and I aint the one to walk up and holla at no one...I always wanted a Spanish or Italian guy too :)

Freckles said...

Love no limit Shirley.

Jstar, I feel you. I am just saying if opportunity presents himself...

just a thought. Thanks for reading ladies.

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