Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Mr. Unavailable (i want you)

Dear Mr. Unavailable,

You have been on my mind and I have been thinking about you. I have been thinking about wanting you and not being able to indulge in the matter. It isn’t always sexual but we tend to connect mentally. I heard you when you said that I was your spiritual mate. The connection has always been powerful and I can hardly stay to the passion. However we have been so close but not close enough. Our paths have paralleled but yet to cross. Maybe its not out time.  This time isn’t the right time but until that time is the right time I have my imagination.

In my fantasy you want to give in and be fulfilled this one time. You wanted to be engulfed in my world for a second. You wanted to feel my soul against your thigh amongst other things and other places. In my fantasy you see me and want only me. You see my sweetest desires beseeching plenty of pleasant thoughts caressing your mind’s delight keeping intriguing emotions flowing through the warmth of my skin. Our patience is tantalizing the hope of devotion even for this moment. The praise of passion and lust combines our thoughts. As we anxiously await the opportunity to touch heaven, take the stars as light within we dwell in the night. Your slightest anticipation keeps my spirit in tune. In this moment we seek to gratify all temptation beyond satisfaction. The moisture of perspiration trickles down my spine in synch with the slow pour of rain from within. Am I wet enough for you?

So, yes I think about you and of an opportunity but this only one of my fantasies. I keep it to myself as we converse of our future endeavors and chit chat about the past. It feels safe to live in the past and remember when. After all it’s better than having nothing, right?

It is ironic that people tend to want things that they cannot have. Tsk!!! Tsk!!! Why is that? I suppose we should converse about that one day. I am sure that that you have a point of view. I know you and you know me so there are some conversation that do not need to be had however I would love to indulge you a bit but I will save that for another time and another post to share.

Looking forward to our next conversation. 

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