Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is my first of many Public Service Announcements...
Please stay tuned and feel free to provide some additional encouragement
or things that make you go hmmmm....

A friend said that she had come to realize that certain people are stupid cannot help it - an absolutely true statement but I have decided to take it one step further. Certain people and they know who they are and I will do my best to refrain from calling out names but they are on the tip of my tongue are so stupid that they do not know when it too much or when to stop and shut their face. Ugh! I do not understand over promising, or over indulging or simply just speaking on things that do not need to be spoken. You do not have to say that or promise this in a conversation. You do not have to say things because you think that someone wants to hear or you believe that it is the right thing to say. Such as: Imma do this for you or Imma do take care of that - please stop the Imma syndrome. Imma need you to SHUT YOUR FACE!

Secondly, STOP SAYING SHIT THAT YOU DONT MEAN. Gee! It's not too much to ask especially if you were not asked to begin with. Once upon a time it was said that all a person had was their word. A person’s word is suppose to be of value and should not just be words said. So say whatcha mean and mean what you say. If you are not going to do something - don’t say that you are especially if it is not asked of you. If you do not really feel it doesn’t say it. For Example: Imma come see you or I want to be with you or better yet I really like you and let me show you... Just stop it already and SHUT YOUR FACE!

Lastly, my roommate always says that sometimes it’s not necessary to speak. You do not have to go through the politics of saying or explaining yourself. Sometimes there are no real words to express or one keeps going on and on about nothing for nothing with no purpose. SHUT YOUR FACE!

There are men and women out there that are simply full of shit. There are some people out there that are ok with shit and there are even people out there that believe that their shit doesn’t stink. Then there are people out there that just do not have a taste for shit and need the bullshit to stop. So this PSA is dedicated to all of those full of shit people and again you know you who you are but I will practice my tact and not call you out one after another that are only about bullshittin and providing unnecessary shit. Please take a bow because your 15 minutes of fame are up and some of us are tired of your shit so go sit down and SHUT YOUR FACE!!!

I am Freckles and I approve this message.

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