Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"I will pray for you" - do you really mean?

In the midst of my greif I have heard a plethora of people say that "i will pray for you and your family" or "you are in my prayers". I am not trying to be mean or even be a jerk but its on my mind and thought that I would see if the truth comes out. Bur do people just say it because it sounds good or do they really set aside a little time in their prayers for someone else. I am just curious.


Ki said...

While I can understand your thoughts on this - I would also say that it's not worth the time to even consider. The reality is, if you are going through something, you should be praying for yourself harder then anyone else could ever do. As with everything else in life, everyone has to atone for themselves, so, if they are or they aren't, if they told you they were or even if they didn't...that's still between them and God. If we all stay in our lane, it doesn't really matter what others say - in ANY situation.

Freckles said...

Thank you so much for taking the time Ki (hey girl) I feel you and in all honesty this was written in a moment. At this point I felt the need to vent and be ugh. I know better.

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