Thursday, November 27, 2014


There are always things to be thankful for and I try to be one to always say thank you and acknowledge the good.  Honestly, I am truly guilty of allowing some of the situational stuff clog some of my thankful space.  There are some times that I pout, whine and complain about what I don't have and why what I have is not enough,  Guilty.  There have been some moments when I go into the dark space willingly to have a woe is me moment.  Guilty.  There are times when I can honestly say that I have not done enough and there is room to do more. Guilty.  I try to be a good person and I try to be be thankful.  I try to constantly say thank you to the most high and acknowledge His presence in my life.  I try to be in tune with the transition and not fight the growth forcing itself on me.  We must all be careful of what we whine and ask for in our lives.  There are so many things that I want for me and there are so many ways that I need to improve.  I am thankful that I can see the error of my ways.  I am thankful for self reflection.

In this moment of reflection I am thankful for so much.  I am thankful for the people that I have in my life.  There was a quantity of folks around at one point but now the quality is so much better and appreciated.  I am thankful for good women.  I  know in a world where ratchet thot like behavior seems to be the status quo, I am grateful to know some very wonderful women.  Women that are uplifting and encouraging and truly on team upgrade.  These women are intelligent, educated and  beautiful inside and out.  I am grateful for the growth that they feed into me.  It is a blessing to have people in your life that make you want to be better.  I am thankful for improvements.

I am thankful for the struggle being real.  Indeed it is very much real.  I am thankful that I can see better than ever.  I am thankful for the character building and forced growth.  I am thankful that a fall allows you to get back up.  I have learned so much about me in this season.  I have seen the good and truly recognize the not so pleasant.  I am thankful for opportunities, possibilities and all that maybes.  I am thankful that this time next year there will be so many more things to be thankful for but I am most thankful that I will not even have to wait that long.

Happy Thanksgiving today and everyday.

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