Tuesday, March 4, 2014

EXamples of He – Not for Me

EX 2:  My love for you was bottomless and is years and years and years long with no real purpose or desire but it was passionate and it was full of fireworks and it penetrates me deep to climax each and every time. Thank goodness but at the end of the day there is no true release and even after I cum my love is still with me and I am still alone trying to maintain what I hope we will be or what we have in my fantasy world but now this is reality and the this love hurts and it is one sided and I can’t carry the burden for the both of us. It’s not fair and it’s not enough.  So now as you go and give up on us, know that once you leave, you cannot come back, I am closed and there will be no more.  This is your decision and I need you say good bye and let me go so that we can conclude this novel.  All of the chapters have been written and the preface did not have enough detail.  This story must come to an end with no happy ending.  The curtain must fall and I will watch you exit stage left.  I cry and reflect on the fact that there is not wrong or any right, no fault, no good or bad involved.  We are just two hearts on different beats to different tunes no longer playing together in harmony.  I sit here purging.  Letting go of all the things of my heart for you and the love is still there but this is confirmation that it has never been enough.  You have to love love before you can love me but you need to love yourself before that.  I love you but it’s not enough and I know that but through it all it doesn’t make me stop loving you. Love loving you and being in love with the thought of you loving me back, the way that I need you too-unconditional and unquestioned and uncompromising.  Loving you has not always been easy and there is times when it beautiful.  I love how you look when you are feeling my love and we are making love and you are just being my lover - Over and over and over. But again, it’s not enough and it’s ok.  I am ok and in fact I am thankful for the opportunity to love and hope that one day it will love me back in a way that does not hurt.  One day it will be my turn but now that I am letting you go maybe it will find me.

~LOVE, Curiosity and My Freckled Words...~


1manview said...

Love on a one way street, is just that. One way.
In your heart you know you gave it your all, so now it's time to move on. And only time will make the difference. When love goes astray, it always hurt. You aren't the first, nor will you be the last... They say love can't love anybody, unless they want to be loved. He didn't want your love... I wish you the best of the situation.

Have a great day
And better tomorrows

Don said...

"let me go so that we can conclude this novel. All of the chapters have been written and the preface did not have enough detail."

I've heard these words expressed before, so I know that it comes from a place of been sick and tired of being sick and tired. Whenever a woman tells a man to let me go, then yeah it's pretty much at the point where she had enough.

Like you said, you will find love again and you will appreciate it just as much. Or maybe the guy referred in the post will change his ways.

Either way, good luck.


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