Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 27: It’s in the little things…

Last week while at I work I met a man that had just lost his wife within the last few days.  He shared with me that they had been married almost 40 years and she had been sick the last 3 years.  He was shopping with and for some family that was visiting from Australia.  He was very nice and very heartbroken.  While I rang his items, we continued to converse.  He shared the love he had for his wife stating that she was his best friend and offered me some advice after inquiring If I was married.  I said no and he said:

“Remember the LOVE.  When you and your mate get in a stink (mad at each other) just repeat I love you to yourself.  It will change your spirit.  It is important to remember the LOVE because it is what matters most.”

Then I offered him some advice as I bagged his items.  I told him: Give into the moments of grief.  It is good and healthy to let it out.  Greif is a process.  It is a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day thing.  When it hits, it is ok to cry and it is cleansing and a release.  I told him that I would pray peace and comfort for him.  He appreciated and said THANK YOU.  I shared that today was going to be a good rest of the day and walked around the counter asking him if he wanted a hug.  He managed a piece of smile which made me smile a bit.  I hugged him and told him to be blessed and he told me that he really appreciated me.

 The amazing thing about this situation was that I was most THANKFUL for that moment with the stranger.  I am THANKFUL that I was about to feel for him in his time of grief.  I am THANKFUL that I was able to offer him a word of encouragement.  I am THANKFUL that he was receptive.  It is ALL IN THE LITTLE THINGS…

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