Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 11: I THANKFUL for my parents...

I am THANKFUL that my parents are mine.  My parents were special together until they weren’t.  I can recall many happy moments.  They provided me with a wonderful fulfilling childhood.  I am THANKFUL for that.  I often hear stories about parents that don’t care or have far too many issues to care or some that just should not have been parents.  I am THANKFUL that I always felt loved.  My parents have always been very affectionate and always made sure my sister and knew that we were loved.

I am THANKFUL that my daddy was my daddy.  My daddy was very protective of his girls.  He made sure that our house was very comfortable so that there was no need to go to anyone else’s house.  We were the designated playhouse.  It is kind of funny when I think about it now but at the time all I wanted to do was spend the night with my friends.  When I did actually play at a friend’s house, it wasn’t far and there was a time limit.  He even had a special whistle for us.  When we heard it, we had better got our tails to the house.  My daddy wasn’t much for sports but into more concentrated activities such a karate and chess which he taught me both.  Daddy was (it still feels strange to say was instead of is) full of freckles, love and curiosity but I never doubted him.

I am THANKFUL for my mother being my mother.  My mother (mi madre) is some kind of awesome and I only hope that she knows how great of a mother she has been and continues to be.  I watched my mother work a full time job, go to school and be available for all of our activities.  She has always been known as the mom that knew everyone.  All of our friends loved our mother and continue to do so.  She is the person that folks could always confide in.  I have friends that have mothers that aren’t as into them or their accomplishments but my mother is far from that.  When I was applying to colleges and receiving acceptance letters, she completely allowed me to make my own decision.  She shared how proud of me she was and once my decision was made she did say that she was secretly hoping that I would choose Fisk University.  The day that I graduated she was full of smiles and told me over and over she was so proud of me.  That was one of my best moments ever and it more than wonderful to make her proud.  I look forward to another moment like that with her.

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Reggie said...

My parents have a lot to do with who I turned out to be. is what it is, both good and bad.

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