Monday, April 30, 2012

MO to my JO

My last relationship was all sorts of beautiful. In the moment I often believed in giving him my forever and it was easy and simple.  It all felt all kinds of right.  I thought he was the one. The end all, be all. The final key to my lock. The ball to my chain.  He was the perfect verse over a tight beat (BROWNSUGAR).  Until… he decided otherwise.  Though I cannot truly fault him for being all in his head and not in sync with his heart <HOWEVER THAT’S ANOTHER SOMETHING FOR ANOTHER TIME…POSSIBLY MAYBE>

A N Y W A Y S…
During this time I let go of the team and made him my FRANCHISE PLAYER. There were no backups or substitutions. I didn’t believe it to be necessary.  I cut off all alternative options.  Also in this time I began all of the us associations. We can do this, we will do that, do we want… We, we, we with not much regard to I.  It was ok initially because I was suppose to have further need for it but when that changed I needed to be reacquainted with HER.  My supreme individuality of being me but better.  SHE is the very essence of me without attributing and alter ego.  We are one in the same.  She is the MO to the JO better known as my MOJO.
1.     A magic charm, hex, or spell. I got my mojo workin'.
2.     Magic power
3.     Style. I've got my mojo goin' on!
4.     Sex appeal. I've got serious mojo. 
Honestly, there was a large part of me that hoped that He would recognize that I was all the things that I felt he was to me so I kept the communication open along with my heart.  Then one day it all just made sense. It clicked and it was affirmed that I needed to move forward and let him go.  No need to just stick your toe in the water when you can cannon ball. 
MO is uber feminine.  She is way girly.  She is into stilettos, dresses, skirts, mascara and lip gloss. MO is womanly polite and allows a man to be a man.  She enjoys chivalry and being treated the way a woman should.  She holds her head up and appreciates her best assets.  MO is smart and well aware of her surroundings.  She is nice but not naïve which sometimes get confused by some as a weakness but she embraces it as her strength.  She is not into conflict, strife or unnecessary roughness.  MO is the girl in the woman that believes in love and feeling good in the midst.  She is well put together and all into her presentation which makes ME feel good.
aggressive, militant, assertive, self-assertive mean obtrusively energetic especially in pursuing particular goals. aggressive implies a disposition to dominate often in disregard of others' rights or in determined and energetic pursuit of one's ends <aggressive in his business dealings>

assertive suggests bold self-confidence in expression of opinion assertive speakers dominated the forum>. self-assertive connotes forwardness or brash self-confidence self-assertive young upstart>.

JO is an extension of my MO that plays into her femininity.  JO is more shaken than stirred.  She is the perfect cocktail with equal parts spicy, savory and sweet over ice.  JO is sometimes mannish in her approach in a way that is sometimes overly sensual with several sexual undertones.  She has a way with words and uses them to her advantage to be boldly direct and sort of forward.  She says it like she feels is and leads with her physical emotions.  JO is a bit more aggressive in her dealings.  While she thinks before she speaks she tends to be a bit blunt compared to MO.    JO sometimes inserts random cuss word to get her point across and enjoys flirting though it’s not always intentionally to her benefit.  When she sees something or someone she wants she is focused, confident and self assured.  JO is very comfortable around men and is a lover of men.  She is a guys a girl.  JO loves football, chicken wings and an occasional imported dark beer.  JO unites with MO to become a total package of balance.

My MO to my JO is more in me than I previously noticed.  I thought that I was out of touch with her.   I just need to feel my way through and put it to use to see how far we can go.  We will spend some time out and get to know each other.  I guess it is sort of like riding a bike… you never really forget.  

Do you know your MOJO?

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