Wednesday, September 15, 2010

She as His Franchise Player

There are some men that have an awesome franchise player on their team right now and do not even realize it or do not pay enough attention to recognize it.
Definition: 1. A designation given to a player by his team to keep him from leaving via free agency. According to the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, the player must be paid the average salary of the top five players at his position.
2. A term used to refer to a superstar player who is invaluable to his team.
A team can use the franchise tag to keep one of their more valuable free agents from leaving the team.
The Cincinnati Bengals made Carson Palmer the first overall pick in the NFL Draft
because they felt he had the ability to be a franchise player.

She is very well versed on both sides of the ball and she is all for the team. She is a good woman with a trifekta combination of smart, sexy, cool. She has most if not all of those great feminine qualities that he adores and she even gets it done in the bedroom. She remembers all the little things that he loves, likes and even hates. She is so into him, wanting to take care of him and cook for him. She pays careful attention to all the highs and lows in his life. She listens when he needs an ear, lends her shoulder when he needs somewhere to lean and even holds her arms open to carry the load when it seems to be too much. She does her best to be his everything. She is into his family and helps him keep up with all the special dates that may slip his mind.

On offense, she plays QB so she is in charge of running the offense on the field but will listen to him in the huddle, HB to run the ball, FB for muscle with the ball, WR to catch while running all while maintaining her TE of course as an added bonus. She isn't hesitant to play tackle every now and then as well. She is always the center and on truly on guard so there is not much for him to worry. She stays prepared at the snap of the ball and quickly establishes any possible initial run or pass reads. She blocks bullshit high and low trying to decide whether to move downhill to the scrimmage line or whether to pass the ball. Her goal on the run is to also allow him to fill any gap left by other defenders fighting off blocks. That went over someone's head.

On defense, she tries to predict what the offense will do. Since she is always observant, she is constantly identifying and numbering the eligible receivers to know where coverage is needed most. On this side of the ball she focus' most of her time at free safety. The free safety gets the privilege of standing in the back, watching the play develop and attacking where she knows the play will end up. Many people refer to the position as the quarterback of the defense, because the safety needs to recognize formations, and communicate accordingly.

She listens to his wants, needs and desires and in most cases meets him on most occasions with a few exclusions. She notices that little wrinkle in his nose when he is frustrated or that crease in his forehead when he is concentrating. She is genuinely concerned with his well being. She uplifts and encourages him and keeps him motivated when life gets tough. She doesn't run or hide but stands tall sharing the brighter side of things. She is in his corner and will do whatever it takes to keep him satisfied and fulfilled. This woman plays her role offensively and defensively. She is FRANCHISE material.

There are men that know exactly what I am talking about. He is all too familiar with that woman and he keeps her around. He knows she is good one and possibly the one. She is truly invaluable to him but he tends to wonder about the others. After all there are so many women out there. There is always a desire for more. It is human nature and we are mildly guilty of it and some more than others. The thought that there is always something or someone better – better looking, better smelling, better tasting… younger, darker, lighter, shorter, taller, thicker, fuller, bigger, tighter… Longer hair, bigger lips, smaller body, more muscles, fatter ass, plumper tits, thicker penis… HUMAN NATURE.

Definition: An open signing period during which an NFL team can sign any unrestricted player who is without a contract.
Examples: Many players change teams during free agency.

Definition: A professional football player who is not currently under contract with any football team.
Examples: A free agent may sign with any team he chooses.

Definition: The selecting of collegiate players for entrance into the National Football League.

Definition: A player chosen by an NFL team from a pool of college players in an annual selection process.

So, again I say… There are some men that have an awesome franchise player on their team but they are spending way too much time looking all in the free agency and trying to see who is coming up on the draft. Only a selective few make it to the playoffs. Good teams take work and plenty of investment. Both player and coach need to take time to get to know each other, build a rapport. You gotta take the time to get to know each other's strength, weaknesses and how to find a workable balance. It doesn't happen overnight and just because the draft is approaching doesn't mean younger is better. It takes time and if the coach is not motivating or taking an active interest in making the franchise player happy…

Don't take what you have for granted.


NV Torres said...

I LOVE this!!! This is on point...was nodding my head and smiling the whole time while reading this.

JStar said...

AMEN to this!!!! I have franchise material...but took it back until I find the one deserving...

sunshinestar110 said...

YES!!!! its was nothing in this that i didn't agree with!! My males friends and I talk about Franchise players how we pass them up sometimes. I will be reading them this post asap!

The Other Woman said...

Girrrrrl, so on point with this. My sweetie thinks that I am franchise material. I was at the Katt Williams show when he talked about this. It was so damn funny. love your post. keep them coming.

Newy said...

I love it! I know I am a franchise player. I was married to someone who tried to bench me and draft new players...then once I was a free agent, he tried to recruit me again...nope...Once I get traded, I never go back to the old team.

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