Sunday, December 26, 2010

This Christmas...

New pajamas. Candy filled stockings. Jingle Bells. Snowflakes and Snow Angels. Christmas Trees dressed in lights and tinsel. Santa Hats and holiday sweaters. Cookies for Santa. Anticipation of the much regarded Christmas list. Rolls of wrapping paper and lots of tape. Trying to stay up as late as possible in hopes of seeing Santa Clause or Mommy kissing Santa Claus. Waking up as early as possible Christmas morning to see Barbie’s dream house, playhouses and kitchens, bikes and motor classic cars. Video Cameras catching all the excitement. New clothes. New toys. Anxiously waiting the opportunity to get out to be amongst the neighborhood friends comparing and contrasting gifts.
All the excitement. All the joy. All the love.

Christmas just isn’t what it use to be for me but I still have FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. It no longer has much anticipation for me but it is still Christmas and like each day I am thankful for the time and do my best to TRUST in my FAITH and BELIEVE in what this time really means to me. It is not so much about the presents but more so of a time to appreciate, reflect and love those closest to me. I have a new appreciation for life this Christmas. There are many that were present last year that are no longer. Someone knows the feeling of missing someone that use to once share this day with all the joy, love and anticipation. Someone knows the emptiness that is felt missing someone that you love and wanting nothong more than to have them back.  I MISS MY DADDY ON THIS DAY as well as every other. To those people I pray your strength, comfort and peace in knowing that you were loved and blessed to have had that love as well as that person. It is alot easier said than done but TRUST and BELIEVE that your FAITH can move mountains.  I am thankful to be working and to be able to do more than what I could for my family and friends than last year. I am thankful to just to wake up in my right mind when I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the matters of my heart. This Christmas I am with my family. I am able to love on them and still grieve comfortably but still be able to smile. This year we are blessed with our new little person (my sister’s daughter). My sister found out she was pregnant right before our daddy died. Life taken and given within the same year = Blessing. I still have HOPE and am learning to appreciate the little things. HOPE is real. Hold onto it as if it were your last breath. Each day is a blessing. Each moment is monumental. Don’t take for granted this day or any other after this one. Use this Christmas holiday and every day after to feel the genuine reason for the season. As long as God is still God…

Merry Christmas
Love like no other
do not forget to pay it forward.

Peace and Blessings,


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