Tuesday, September 7, 2010

RECONSTRUCTION... an Update Ramble

So, I have really been out the loop.  I have slacked on following friends, writing and making this blog be the best that it can be.  My sincere apologies.  I hope that you are not discouraged from reading.  I am trying to do better.  I desire to be better and that includes all around.

Honestly, life has happened.  I am in a place that is home trying to find my way.  I am all over the place emotionally, mentally, socially, personally.  I kind of feel full but not overwhelmed.  I need some follow through with my focus.  I have so many dreams, desires, hopes for fulfillment.  Often, there are things on my mind and my heart that do not seem to come out.  I lose my inspiration for expression.  It's strange to have so much to say but not the words to say 

Life has been changing and I have been going along for the ride.  It's amazing how one day liefe as we knew it can change in a split second.  All that was normal, mindful and comfortable errupts like a volcano seeming taking all hope for continuance.  Somewhere along they way some of my motivation, encouragement and some of my inspiraIt is one of those situations where you thought that you made adequate preparations for plans A-B-C to find out out that there should have been a plan D-E-F.  I am certain that someone out there, feels me.  I am not the only person going through some changes and the valley gets dark... sometimes it's hard to encourage yourself.  The economy has changed.  The world has changed. People have changed.  All along with the seasons.  It's already September... Fall is among us.

In fact, I have become better in tune with other people.  Sometimes you have to step away from self and see someone or some thing else. 

There's no danger of developing eyestrain from looking on the brighter side of things.

I am in a strange place in my life right now.  I am not unhappy but I am not completely happy either.  I am working on redefining my future.  Nowhere near complacement but peaking towards contentment.  Contentment for the woman that I am becoming.  I see her and she is not so bad.

Every now and then the mountains feel as if they are closing in on me and the ground shakes so hard that i can barely tell which direction is North/ Up - Storm.  Sometimes the storms of life get us off kilter but sometimes its easier to help, love on, encourage and be of service to someone else.  Take your focus off self.  It is amazing the words that come in a time when a friend needs them.  I am thankful that through this storm of life that I have had the right words at the right time.  I am constantly trying to be uplift my friends, trying to be a better sister, better daughter, better friend... as well as a better more consistent writer.  So please be patient with me.  I am trying...



PS. My prayer is for all of you to be thankful in your life no matter the circumstance.  Keep in mind that your sharing may help someone else.  Be in tune with your gifts...

Peace, Blessings and Wonderful Words...

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JStar said...

I am here with you...Every word, every feeling and emotion...I am on this same level right now myself...Kinda at a crossroad...Deciding which direction to go in...My choice though, is life alterating...But I have chosen this path so I am praying it leads me to where I am supposed to be...Being grateful when the mountains are tumbling....Thats all we can do...


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