Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love, Like and Not a Fan

  • As we all know – I love everything love (emotions, physical, mental, music, movies, books
  • These freckles – kind of dope and are apart me
  • Shoes (the higher the better)
  • Beach (one of the great things about being in LA is the beach. The relaxation of it, the sound, the feeling of freedom. Some God's good work.
  • Cards (I should own stock in Hallmark. All occasions.
  • Writing (it's my passion)
  • God, Family & Friends (of course)
  • Music – all kind sorts of music but I am huge R&B and Soul Music. I love the art of telling a good story through music
  • Books and Magazines
  • Football
  • All things chocolate: Bars, Ice Cream, Cake, Men
  • Potatoes (mainly French Fries - OMG)
  • STUFF – all kinds of stuff. SMILE.
  • Crafts (making earrings, sewing-working on advancing my skills, making pillows, gifts,

  • Taking Pictures – I am the designated camera lady of the group. I like to be able to catch all the moments – any moment.

  • Bright Colors (Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, Hot Pink (Fuchsia), Purple

  • To cuss (say bad words). I know not very lady like but as soon as I was able, I did and do it on a regular. I am working on it somewhat.

  • Body wash – got a strange obsession with all things that smell good

  • Candles/ Oil Burners

  • Jewelry (I cannot go anywhere without earrings)
    Not a Fan

  • Gravy (it's just stupid)

  • Judgmental people

  • Men with bad teeth & shoes

  • Holes in my clothes & shoes (not my kind of trend but to each her/his own).

  • Stupidness.

  • Oooh, sandal boots – not my thing.

  • Cats (I am allergic and they are just not really all that great)

  • Peep-toe flats
  • 1-ply toilet paper


JStar said...

LOL...I am in agreement with most here..

Freckles said...

right on shawty.

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