Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Birthday Freckle Facts

Birthdays. I love them.

I have every card that my grandmother has ever given me for my birthday – every single birthday. She is so amazing.  She always picks the best cards.

When I was 10 had my first major slumber party. I got so excited that I made me sick. It was the first time that I remember really throwing up. Gross but true. After I was finish being sick I felt better that the night went on without a hitch.

There were two things that I wanted for my 15 birthday – to date boys and a pager. I got them both. I had my first actual he came to pick me up from my house with my mother actually agreeing to it date on my 15 birthday and I got a pager. My cake was blue, purple and white.

I still have my sweet 16 necklace that my mother gave me.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE CAKE!!! It makes me happy. I do prefer the frosting to be either butter cream or whipped. I do not care for much frosting. I am a fan of cake with strawberries in it. You can never go wrong with chocolate.

I turned 18 while in college. The day went by and no one in my dorm said happy birthday for the most part. I was really feeling some kind of way but whatever I had only known these people for a couple of months. My mom sent me the best birthday box which was exciting. Right before we went to dinner someone came to my room and asked me to help them in our little kitchen and they were all in there and yelled surprise. They had a cake and they all gave me lots of cards. Several of us caught a taxi to a club that weekend to celebrate. It was great and I will never forget it.

I love balloons though I never really get them for my birthday.  When I was in college my mom always sent me one in the package.

I love, love, love birthday cards.  They makes me smile and I keep them all...  I have a couple of files boxes full of cards given to me (though there are more than just birthday cards in the boxes).

I turned 21 on a Monday, October 2, 2001. This was my senior year in college and it was a MONDAY. I was working at the local T.G.I.Friday’s and the managers suggested that I just have my friends have drinks there. It was a win/win. Not to mention he had a little thing for me which made it cool. So, it went around quickly and the bar packed up. I recall having a drink on each table with friends. I would sip that drink as I made my rounds at each table chit chatting with the people. That night my bestie agreed to order all my drinks as she thought she was a professional. LOL. That night I drank a ridiculous amount of alcohol. The last thing that I recall was the 3 jagerbombs that I had. After that it is a bit of a blurrrrrrrrrrrr.  thankfully I still graduated 7 months later. Shout out to Fisk Univeristy!!!

My 23 birthday that same bestie flew to LA and my mom drove us all to Vegas in a PT Cruiser. It was her first time and it was wonderful. My bestie learned that my mother had a lead foot and I learned that she is not too fond of statues. WE ate, drank, gambled and saw the cowboy (inside joke).

My friends took me to Vegas for my 25th birthday. There was a penis them (penis balloons, penis head band, penis boa and even a penis scavenger hunt. AGAIN, I consumed a ridiculous amount of alcohol and it is all a bit of a blur but this time there were pictures. Smh. My favorite is me sliding down some stairs because apparently I thought the stairs were moving. I had a huge smile on my face. So I guess I had a great time. I still don’t know who that guy was in the picture with me bent over smiling while he pretended to be spanking me. Craziness. LOL!

My 29th birthday I spent on a plane going to Lincoln Nebraska for work. I spoke to everyone on the phone and my co-workers got me a cheesecake and sang to me. I did get an email from my roommate sharing that she was giving a surprise party when I got back from Nebraska. I suppose I wasn’t supposed to be included in the email but it was a so sweet. It was a great shindig.

My 30th birthday was nice.  It was all about my FLIRTY30.  I had a dinner party at Legal Seafood with 15 of my close friends. They have the best LEGAL Sangria. It taste like fruit punch with a bit of a kick. They come in a large glass and I had 6 of them in 3 hours. I wore the cutest little jumpsuit that encouraged my cleavage and wore fantastic shoes. It was a good night but no birthday sex – ijs.

I am looking forward to a great story this year as I celebrate the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday!!! Stay tuned.


JStar said...

:) The memories...I didnt get any on my 30th birthday either...My girl and I had a ball at the club. I was drunk beyond belief because everyone was buying me drinks. Then the band sung Purple Rain to me, they cleared the dance floor and I danced off beat :) Then that evening the man I was dealing with came over and passed out. Why did I go through his phone and find video of him fuc*ing other women, cursed him out and spent the rest of the night alone and eventually passed out lol... I am hoping I get some on my 35th birthday this December...

Freckles said...

shout out to birthday sex. lol. I feel like that boy made that song for me but i have yet to have it but maybe this year will be different. THanks for being so supportive and a loyal reader miss lady. I appreciate you more than you will ever really know.

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