Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Libra Woman (September 24 – October 23): It's my birthday week!!!

I am not too into astrology but I do believe that there is something to it.  The signs are generally point for the most part.  I have a buddy that is really into it and he was telling about some attributes according to my birth date - October 2.  He seemed to be point on for the most part.  So with that I thought that I would share some info that I searched and read along with my personal commentary.

Born under the sign of Libra, the sign ruled by Venus the goddess of love; the LIBRA woman is one who definitely searches for peace, quality, and justice in everything she does. [I am the peacemaker for the most part.  I do function well with conflict and really wants everyone to CALM DOWN and get along]  She is generally working to try to balance the oppositional forces that she senses exists all about her.[yes, constant battle to keep the balance]  Although her personal outlook is an unbiased one, she will often find herself involved in conflicting situations that will require her to seek resolutions.
In her own life, the Libra girl may find that there is a basic duality as one of her scales is usually leaning towards compromise while the other leans toward her getting her own way. [I try not to manipulate a situation but I do prefer my way but who doesn’t? I do attempt to always be fair but when I do not get my way, eeeew is what we will call that] The Libra woman must take caution and be aware of her tendency to put off, or avoid, that which seems uncomfortable. [yes, I am such a procrastinator. Ugh. such an ugly quality but again that is something that I am working, I so promise]

Positive personality trait- Libra
As they say, there’s a bit of man in a woman and woman in every man. Well, this holds true for a Libra girl. She can be as feminine as Goddess Venus herself, one moment and turn masculine, the other. [I am a very feminine girly girl. I like skirts, dresses, makeup, jewelry and stilettos. I am hardly ever flat unless you know me enough to be in my home. I don’t walk around with heels at home, well not all the time but that is a total other something. However I am a beer and chicken wings type of chick that loves football and as sad as it is to say I enjoy cussing and talking shit with the fellas. Smh.] This woman is clever and witty. [I would like to believe that it takes a very clever and witty person to write some of things that I write.] Her sharp intellect can floor anyone. [I will agree] She is fair in her judgments. She will take her own time to deliver just and impartial decision. She loves to debate on any given topic. And most of the times she’ll beat her opponent. The best part is she will accept other’s views if she is convinced. She will give you an honest point of view. However, she will do it in a diplomatic way. [I am a HUGE debater that likes to get my point across but I do listen to take in what someone’s point of view as well. I try to be as diplomatic as possible but to be honest I am not always successful] She will never bring emotions in the practical aspect of life. A Libra woman is very analytical and can analyze situations and people quite aptly. [Now as far as my emotions… Not so much. I generally lead with my emotions but there are times that I can put them on the back burner. I think that is part of my masculine aspect.] These girls are absolutely career-oriented and will usually work before and after marriage. [true.] She hates to be alone. [so true] Teamwork is her forte. [Absolutely, I am a team player]

Negative personality trait- Libra
A Libra woman takes a lot of time in taking a decision. [I am very indecisive. I am working on it but sometimes I have a hard time making up my mind. I go round and round about it] She will be ready to argue at a drop of a hat. [I can be but not very often. I just don’t really have the energy and I’m nice. I don’t like confrontation so I generally hold it and say nothing which is when my nice is taken for naïve or weak. Then there is a problem captain] This girl can go overboard with her ideals and the need to be fair. [yeah, rarely. I believe in the greater good] She might be too talkative at times. [duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove to talk and yes I go overboard but I am working on that. As of lately it is that I spend a lot of time alone so by the time I have someone to talk to I have so much to say and get out. Really]

Libra woman as a wife/lover- Libra Female Personality Trait
A Libra woman is a total romantic to the core. She will love, cherish and honor her man. She will gladly allow him to dominate her. She will take care of him. And all this will be done with graceful charm and famous Venus smile. Being suspicious is not her nature. She will never try to invade your privacy. She loves her freedom and expects her man to respect it too. She might splurge on expensive perfumes, chic clothes and classic music. She will be a true companion in crisis. Her man is her first priority in life. Of course, there will be too many arguments to be won with a Libra female. Most of the times she will do the talking. She is highly intellectual and her man has to match up to it. This woman can win anyone’s heart with her dimpled smile and pleasing manners. A Libra woman’s man has the prettiest female by his side when he goes to a party and the smartest friend when he is in any kind of trouble. [I COMPLETELY 100% AGREE WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE]

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JStar said...

This is sooo true...My best friend since the 7th grade is a Libra...She is extremely indecisive, prograstinates and is very womanly (heels all the time as well) but has that man in her way of thinking...and everything else in this post rings her as well :) No wonder me and you get along so well :)

Freckles said...

See there. LOL. I soooooooooooooooo agree lady.

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