Friday, June 4, 2010

Wash and Rinse: It Will ALL Come Out!

Like the old folks say, if it doesn’t come out in the wash it will truly come out in the rinse. You can only front for so long and there is no future in the fronting…


(to the mutha)

When people show you who they are – BELIEVE THEM!!! Often too many times we become infatuated with people, things, circumstances and situations. We are so in the clouds that we are completely oblivious to what’s going around on the ground. We have all been guilty a time or two. We hesitate to the time to see some of the obvious. The signs are generally there and it is choice to ignore or deal.

In my fantasy world there is nothing but good people that have nothing but the best intentions in my life. People that do not lie, cheat or steal. People that are only wonderful and decent in the human sense. People that do not lack consistency or integrity. People that do not back bite and/or talk about you behind your back in a derogatory manor. People that do not go around trying to find things that may or may not be there and then further their detective skills. People that don’t feel the need to say things that they do not manipulate in order to get what they want. People that you can take for their word at ALL times.

FANTASY… yes, however I know that those people do exist but it’s always astonishing to have to learn this lesson again. It gets me when people aren’t who, what or how they present themselves.

It’s like when you get a pretty black velvet box tied in a Tiffany Blue ribbon. You are extremely with immediate anticipation of what could be inside. Once you have it in your hand the anxiety plunges out of your pores, drips down your spine and your chest tightens. Awesome! Right? Then you untie the tiffany blue ribbon and open the pretty black velvet box – NOTHING! TOTAL & COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT hugs you tightly and you are instantly overcome with perplexed curiosity. Why? What is this? Where is the wonderful thing that is supposed to be inside? Some cry. Some scream. Some sit in concern. Some things like people are not always as they seem or are presented.

That is how it feels to me when people present themselves like a pretty velvet box. I love gifts and especially the kind that come in velvet boxes. They look good, talk good and truly seem awesomely perfect. Then something happens and they show you who they really are – an empty box.

Actions always speak louder than words and talk is so cheap and unnecessary. I keep having to learn this lesson and I am doing my best not to harden my heart  towards folks and their fuckery.  I know I cannot control people but I would appreciate them taking a moment to get their acts together.  I would like to believe in the great good of all people and until I feel crossed I do.  I try to to treat all folks with the utmost respect and dignity.  I try not to be the person that I talk about.  I can only hope that it will all come out in the wash and rinse.

Some of the best advice given was from my friend’s father. He said,  So very true.
Once you know how people are, conduct yourself accordingly.
Thanks Mr. V!

When people show you who they are… BELIEVE THEM! Though they (not sure who they are) say that presentation is everything, it is nothing without preservation. Keep it Trill Folks!!!

btw, you know who you are.


Miss.Stefanie said...

Great post!

Freckles said...

Thanks Stefanie. I appreciate you.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

wowwww...i feel this exact way. it's such a let down to actually trust & love someone to find out their weren't worth it.

Freckles said...

yes it is. I always prefer to have a return on my investment but nothing. You live and learn. When you know better you do better.

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