Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It’s Small World After All

You never know who knows who or how they know them and it's always ironic how all parts come together out of nowhere. Let me explain.

A guy that I dated in college from Memphis had family in Los Angeles. When he came to visit me one summer his mom gave him a few addresses of people she wanted him to try to visit. Ironically enough the addresses were in my neighborhood. One of the addresses in particular was directly down the street my family resided. The house belonged to a male acquaintance that I had grown up with but at the time he was really too old for me to be dating according to my mother of course. Either way we stayed friends. This friend turned out to be the second cousin of that boyfriend. They had spent summers together as children but had lost touch as they all got holder. My friend's grandmother who had been staying there with his mom was my boyfriend's great aunt (his grandmother's sister). Just that fast the world was smaller and my relationships with both dudes changed a bit and I changed in that instance because their family and you never know what could have been said or assumed.
Small World.
I moved to Atlanta with a friend that I met through a job in Culver City. She is originally from Oakland. By us living together we both became acquainted with each other's friends. I met a friend of hers in Atlanta visiting a couple of times and we just kind of clicked and were instantly cool. In a conversation, we realized that we not only were both from Los Angeles but we attended rival high schools and know some of the same people and/or occurrences of certain time periods. When she came home to visit from Texas, she thought enough of me to give me a call to hang out. Unlike some folks that say what they are going to do but that is a totally different something. I digress. Anyway, we hung out and went a cool little hip hop club that I would have known about had I not been with her and her friends. I had a great time and hella enjoyed myself with she and her crew which one I now know who is her cousin who I plan to hang out with in the near to close future. We kind of clicked and now she is a part of my circle and there is no telling who she knows.

Dude, the world gets smaller.

I met this man that is pretty awesome yet guarded (I will write more about him later). Anyway, I met him out and about and found out that he is friends with one of my close dude friends. They are several years apart but know each other through a totally different circle completely outside of me. I am very glad that I met him outside of my friend but glad to have met him nonetheless.

Wow, how small is the world?

Finally, there's Facebook. I am often running across people that I may or may not know or unsure where I may know them from. That is when I can appreciate the MUTUAL FRIEND connection (thanks FB). I check this out ALL the time. I be needin' to know how I may know folk or how I they may know me. The most common link is high school or college so the options are someone limited. I went to a large high school in LA and small college in Nashville with a few random other folks that I know such as past co-workers, folks from prior social events and even a few mere acquaintances from around the way. These people extend all around the country and some across the seas. I am always fascinated to see who people know that I know from different circles. I may know someone from college that may know someone that I went to high school with but in my mind they would have never crossed paths. Small world. Sometimes it's simpler than that and I know we all went to school together but how do you know each other. I don't always see the common link or connection.  Not to mention it's kind of funny what you learn in a random conversation with friends. Who knows who done what with whom if anyone at all. Hmmmm… I may elaborate upon this one day. Hmmm… or shall I say, Things that make you go hmmmm….
I feel a confession coming out of this but I must hold my mule and save any or all of that for another post.
Maybe possibly.
We will see.
Again, Digress.
There are more than a few more situations but nonetheless the point is proven. They though I'm not always quite sure who they is but according to the last census say that there are over 6,706,993,152 people in the world, over 303,824,640 in the United States, over 36,457,549 in California, over 6,214,888 in Tennessee and over 4,630,841 in Georgia not to mention I have lived in Illinois and Nevada too. With all of these folks in this world it still seems small and continues to get smaller every day with all the people you meet and greet every single day. I guess when you think of it that way maybe folks would treat each other better but again that would be too much like right.
Go Figure.


JStar said...

YES it is a small world :) My brother I havent seen in 22 years years, lives 20 mins away from me :)

Don said...

Definitely a small world. Your being able to click with a friend that, it turns out, knows another friend sounds very special. I have enjoyed the same instances myself.

I don't have a Facebook page but I was able to hook up with a former Army buddy and he and I exchanged numbers and tripped out on all the insanely hilarious and crazy moments that we experienced in the military.

Life, full circle, I suppose.

Freckles said...

Jstar as I stated on yout blog - I am so happy for you. Do let me know how it all pans out.

Don, Hey... Life Full Circle is a wonderful way of saying that.

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