Friday, April 30, 2010

Overcome by Guest Poet Tiffany


I've rode that Guilt trip for way too long

So I'm getting off at the next stop

Worry was my best friend

So I had to end our friendship

Negative Thinking kept me company every night

So since they over stayed their welcome I had to put them out

Unworthiness was knockin' at my door

So I decided not to answer

Insecurities walked with me hand in hand

So I had to release my grip

Self Doubt clothed me

So I had to change my style of dress

Fear kept my checkbook unbalanced

So I stop writing checks

Self Pity was my addiction

So I forced myself to kick that habit

Depression was my late night snack

So I went on a diet

Stress was a constant battle

But I won that war

Don't let your flaws overshadow the good in you.
We all have things to improve on.
I continue to keep my mind and heart open.


JStar said...

So uplifting! This was so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Don said...

I like this. It probably speaks to us all at some point or another. I believe we as humans are only as good as our mentality. So, as I constantly remind myself, it's okay to undergo battles such as these. But we must all understand when the war has been won. And carry on towards our journey.

Enjoyed the read.

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