Saturday, April 24, 2010

I want to kiss you...

There is nothing like the power of a kiss. Especially when you have the opportunity to kiss someone special. To be able to lay in the bed with someone and just kiss them. Be so close to them that you can feel their heart beat in sync with yours and just kiss them. Feel the softness of their lips against yours. Be so close that you can feel their breath and feel them breathe. Steady and smooth and constant. A multitude of passion pecks follow.

Kissing him makes me feel close and in my dreams he loves me and me only. In that same breath it is our escape of all the worries of the world. It is just he and I and me and he. Together in a kiss of passion and pain to sorrow and joy. Within that moment there is only two. two arms touch two hearts holding two souls that caress two lips in one kiss followed by another then another then another. It all feels so good and oh so right. It is safe, secure, uncomplicated, uncompromising. He being he joined with me being me equaling us in plethora of kisses. One here, one there and one here followed by another there and there. The ability to be one with self to another. Mutually beneficial, sensationally sweet, delectably passionate, particularly intimate and sensual but not at all sexual. I can feel his attraction rise without the need to penetrate his infatuation. Kissing him makes me feel special and give me the ability to hear his words without his speaking them. It is honest, true and sincere which makes me think of the most High where it is written to focus your mind on whatsoever is pure. His lips make me understand that and be there for him - be his friend and one day his companion but in this moment we just kiss. No expectations. No motives. Just the magic of kiss that leaves me wanting more.

~LOVE, Peace and My Freckled Words~

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