Wednesday, April 14, 2010


SIDEBAR from my own foolery and/or fuckery to shout out one of the most special woman I have the pleasure of calling friend.  She is one of the sincere, genuinely nicest people I know (and I know alot of people) and an absolute talent that stepped out on faith to share her talents with the world by creating a wonderful website to display her gift of pencil, pen and charcoal.  She is originally from Oakland, CA but not resides in Atlanta, GA.  My friend is a simple treasure that doesnt have some complex dissertation on her pieces and simply draws because she can and she likes to.  It's that simple and I am not even biased, well maybe alittle bit but she's got real talent. Seriously dude.

I am often amazed what she puts on paper with a pencil, pen and/or charcoal.  I feature her art on many of my post and will be featuring it in my Single In This City (LA) series as it's absolutely relevenat to dating and always seeking some form of love.

When I lived with her in Atlanta, I would watch her draw out the corner of my eye, because she prefers to not be bothered when she is in her zone, and waited her to walk away to sneak a peak.  I would watch her erase constantly to reach her own perfection and not just settle for what didn't feel right.  I would watch her take her time with each stroke/ shade and display absolute integrity in each and every piece. I watched her fall in love and be in love with all of her creative ideas put to paper/canvas.  She is truly awesome and genuinely special.  So here is to her and my desire to share her talent with as many as possible.  I ask that you take the time and check out her artwork, consider purchasing and make a purchase and then buy a tshirt which can also be done at her site   Then share it with a friend.  Check some of her work and some of her inspiration below.

Inspired by the search. Inspired by the effort, the frustration, the wishing, hoping, waiting, praying, Inspired by the time, the energy. Inspired by the physical attraction and the mutual interests, same struggle, common goals. Inspired by late night tears, mid-afternoon laughs,clear thoughts in the morning.
Inspired by the good jeans that show off the curves, the right shoes for the right dress. Inspired by the water plus the gel with the headscarf tied tight. Inspired by the burn on the ear, neck, forehead from the curling iron flat iron pressing comb. Inspired by lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, glitter and powder. Inspired by pumice stones, wax, razors, tweezers, scissors, nail clippers, and emory boards.Inspired by Vaseline and socks, baby oil and cocoa butter.
Inspired by candles and incense and fabric spray.
Inspired by the trip out of the room to release some air. Inspired by the trip across town in traffic in the rain on an empty tank. Inspired by SportCenter, Baseball Tonight, NBA Today, NFL Pregame Show, College Gameday, and SportCenter, again. Inspired by the beer you keep cold but don’t drink, snacks you don’t eat, movies you don’t watch or don’t want to see.
Inspired by the strange meal he made out of fishsticks and macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and beans, grits and pork roast,bacon toast orange juice and scrambled eggs, Hawaiian Punch and Capri Sun.
Inspired by the friends that have found it and the ones who work so hard to keep it. Inspired by the ones who have lost it and won’t give up on finding it again. Inspired by the ones who have never had it and wonder what it feels like.
Inspired by the ones who are about to find out.

Ink Hearts (lovecandace) are $75
(2 for $100)

get at her:
some of her other work and my favorites


JStar said...

Beautiful work!!!!

Alovelydai said...


Freckles said...

She is pretty awesome and needs to sell some of it.

Traci Lavette said...

Freckles! This art is beautiful! Does she have an etsy site?! Nevermind, I'm on my way to check her out on her site. This work is beautiful! "Thanks for sharing!"

I need all of this for my walls at home!!!

And...what you said about her stepping out on faith. "That's what's up!" It's exactly what we are supposed to be doing when are as talented as she is. What a good friend you are to share her gift with all of us.


Anonymous said...

OMG...The Art work is breath taking! I absolutely love it! I will most certainly looking into buying a piece or two!


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