Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goodbye Atlanta...for now of course

It is 2:30 AM EST and I am awake.  I am taking up every last minute possible to suck up every last drop of this place.  Diggin my core to feel all that has been home - happiness.  However home is where you make it. I have fallen in love with this city.  It has a feel good vibe to it.  It encouraged alot of growth.  It has been good - not all good but good nonetheless.  3 years ago almost to the day I packed up my car (along with my roomie) and traveled southeast for a change and it has been great!!!  We traveled 4 days and no nights to get to Atlanta.  We survived my frantic all my life is in that car and I am freaking out in El Paso moment. TOTALLY SCARY...  We made it here and built a good life.  As much as we have been through we stayed in this together - I LOVE YOU ROOMIE & ever so thankful for all you have done.  You have been a wonderful friend - though it all - THANK YOU!!!

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The people that I have met here and built friendships with have been a blessing.  It is so wonderful to have genuine people in my life.  We went to dinner last weekend and it was wonderful.  Just tobe around a group of women that were just happy to be around each other and passing gril compliments.  (my boots were a big hit)  I honestly love the ladies that were there.  Love them and grateful for our paths crossing.  Thank you friends. 

Anway, things around me have changed and there have plenty of good friendships made.  I am so optimistic for the future.  We shall see what happens. I am leaving in the morning.  Well hopefully, its raining outside. So, I hope that the weather lets up so that I can fly out.  All my stuff has already gone and the moving company called and stated that they will be able to deliver my stuff on Monday.  That is very exciting. Everything fell in line today.  We ran some errands and got something to eat at the Vortex (awesome).  Then we sat on the couch and watched movies, mildly silent and realizing the time is drawing near.  I am a little sad at this moment.  I am really leaving.  Bittersweet. It has been great and we shall meet again.
Well, it is 4:37am, I suppose that I should be preparing for the airport.
Hello Change (Los Angeles)
Goodbye Atlanta, I shall miss you for now.


Miss.Stefanie said...

I live in L.A....and Ive had many friends come to L.A and hated it some loved it. Embrace the city. Embrace her and she will embrace you.

JStar said...

Awww I know its sad to say good bye...But go where life is taking you...The ones that mean the most will still be there, as they always have....

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Hope you had a safe trip home. I know we never physically met, but for some reason it's a little sad to know someone is leaving the "A." Maybe I'm emotional because a friend of mine just moved back home this past week as well. I suppose it's all for the best though. Good luck to you.

*Side note: I live close to Buford and yes it is boring as hell! Lol. (Hence the name of my blog.)

Don said...

Damn. This is exactly the way I felt when I had to leave Atlanta (Stone Mountain). Even while driving those crazy highways for the last time. But, like you stated, I shall return, very soon.

Then again you are headed to City of Angels. I don't know, I think you will enjoy Cali even better. If you happen to see Traci ... tell her I said, "Whaddup, shawty!"


Freckles said...

thanks all. sorry been out of touch with the internet. it is not in the budget but I am trying to be back. home is home. I love the A and will be back for sure. We shall see where life takes me.

Miss Stefani, LA is home for me and I am not a huge fan but home is where the heart is. We shall see how the heart feels. lol.

Jstar - thanks honee. I am ok.

BUFORD HUH - I am so gonna leave that alone. lol.

Don, thanks for reading and I have been trying to get in touch with traci. We are working on linking up soon.

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