Monday, February 22, 2010

i spit on thee

This post is dedicated to all of those shits that feel the need to lie, cheat, steal, test gangster, see who can piss the farthest, Some folks have the taste for shit. They like to talk shit, breathe shit, make shit be shit when its not shit and don’t really understand that they are not that shit and strictly full of shit. I mean this in the most direct, considerate, polite way possible with no bullshit. Again, you know who you are and I spit on thee.

For the record…

These are the kind of folks that feel the need to blow smoke, say shit that they don’t mean and even make up some shit along the way. Dude, seriously you didn’t smash. No you didn’t hit it and no broad I don’t want your man (boy posing as a good dude). But if I wanted him… although that is another story for another time but I do know what the deal is. These are the kind of people that lack intelligence, ambition, brain power, truth, respect, self esteem, motivation, appreciation amongst other things. Dude, you are not hot and no broad I am not for your shit. Yall (you know who you are) need to grow up and stop doing this silly shit. Either way, I spit on thee.

It is ironic to me that just because a situation is not addressed directly or immediately that you thought that your actions where ok. It is ironic to me that you thought that you had gotten away with this shit. You thought that just because you said it and it sounded good that it was your bond. You thought that no one would call you out on this shit. Ha! Dude seriously, you are not worth the shit at the bottom of my toilet. Ha! I spit on thee.

Here is to you and your shit.

You are some shit if you…

• Lie about getting some ass from over 10 years ago. Nawl dog you didn’t hit it. In fact do you even have enough to input? Not too mention you would have never been of interest for me. You do not make me warm hot and tingly. Ugh. Boo. Yuck for you dog.

• Think that broad/dude you are with is a quality individual when they are hella hood, tacky, sad excuse for an individual.

• You are involved with someone just because they put up with your silly shit.

• Think that getting pregnant by him was smart. The keep a dude baby is never a good idea. He wasn’t into you before the baby so what makes you think that this situation will change?  Yeah, you some shit.

• You have a good man/woman and can’t seal the deal or simply be true to them because you like to keep up drama.

• Feel the need to snoop through his shit because you know that you ain’t shit. Yes i said you ain’t shit!

• Think that you should hit because your homie did and sounded like it was good. Dude, you are so not worth the output.

• Are doing the same shit you were doing in high school as an adult. Dude, grow the hell up!!! That shit aint cute. Again yes I said it aint no good look.

• Don’t say what you mean or mean what you say. Your word aint shit and neither are you.

• You do not have good hygiene. That is some nasty shit there. ugh!

• If you feel the need to live in the past. Dude move into the present. We are no longer in grade, junior or highschool. Hell, we not even in college anymore – damn did you even go to college?

• Cannot, will not, have not supported your own. Again, grow up and MAN (WOMAN) UP!

• Not responsible enough to take care of business therefore you have been married 3 times and got 8 kids and possibly 4-5 baby daddies. Get some shit about yourself.
Feel the need to start shit on FACEBOOK! Seriously, come on now this stupid shit shouldn't be that serious.

• If you allow your partner to use and abuse you on a regular basis. I know everyone plays the fool sometimes but how many times do you have to be the fool?

• You feel the need to break someone down in order to build yourself up. Self Esteem should not be overrated. It is an essential necessity (there will be a blog about this soon)

• You feel the need to keep ruining good men with your silly and stupid ways

• Say stupid shit and think that it is good shit when you are not even the shit. (sucks to be you)

• All about fun with no foundation. I am sure that this went over someone’s head. Sad but yeah you be that piece of shit.

• Simply full of shit.  I thought that we should at least be over it at this point in life.


Luckily I am not the kind of woman that feels the absolute need to put you on blast but you know who you are. With all respect, you should be thankful that I am not malicious and don’t feel the absolute need to state your names. There are a few things that you would not want folks to know about you. There are a few things that should be left unsaid. There are a few things that are to be left in the past. Luckily, I have grown up enough to leave your shit be. After all, I am not sure if you can even help being a shitty person. I suppose it has to be hard not being shit and not really having any sort of self worth or shit of your own. I suppose that you have nothing better to do with yourself than to talk shit. Eew, Ugh and Boo for you and I spit on thee.

Thank you so much for feeling the desire to keep my name in circulation. It is truly appreciated. After all they say you must be doing something right if they must keep your name in their conversations. Right?  No matter what it is just know that I know who you are and I SPIT ON THEE!


Eb the Celeb said...

love this post... spitting is nasty as hell... them chicks on bad girls club kill me with that mess... so I would go with I smack on thee or I punch on thee but I definitely feel you!

Freckles said...

thanks lady. I don't think that I could ever actually spit on someone but I have words so I am spitting these words at you so you know and middle finger to you.

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