Monday, June 8, 2009

Still in Search of Him well maybe not searching

 Not really searching but... I am hoping to run into him

Its not so much that I am looking for him but it sure would be nice to know him, who he is, what his passion and fears are. You see I am ready not only for love but for the work that comes along with it. Relationship take work and I will not only have to work on my relationship with him but my relationship with me.

I want to be his friend, his lover and his confidant. I want him to feel as if he can talk to me about anything and everything. I want to there for him, encourage him and pray for him more than I pray for myself. I want that selfless kind of love. I want the kind of love that is worth fighting for. The kind that requires immediate attention. The kind that makes you wanna disagree so that we can make up. The kind of love that is hard but doesn’t hurt. The kind that weathers the storm and keeps the focus on us.

I want to smell him with he’s not around and touch him when he is close. Touch him there and there and here and there and oh yes right there. I want to spend my life with him while we cherish the time apart, just so we can get back to together. I want it to feel like the first time. I want to have the ability to miss him when he is away. Have the ability to grow together. Be on the same page but be able to turn the page – together. I want to be able to set aside my issues and imperfections so there is enough room for him in my heart.

I want to be the melody in his tune and the inspiration of his art while being the motivation to his desires. I want him to know that I am in his corner ( his front and his back), his #1 fan, his supporter and his encourager. I want to be the one that complete his sentences, be the one that made him comfortable enough to stop being an I and want to be a we.

He is out there and I am here. All I can do is be patient until we cross paths however until then I will work on me and make sure that I am everything that he will need me to be.
Cheers to the Search of a Single Woman…

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