Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Rant Vol. 1 – a piece of mind

My 10 Point Rant (in no particular order)

  1. Kelis - I am still not sure what happened or who wants to divorce who but what I do know is she is really trippin. What kinds of strollers and stuff you need that cost $20,000? Dude, where is my car? You act as if you can earn a living for yourself. I would hope that you would be the kind of woman that would do anything for her child even if it includes getting a job. Where is any of your dignity, integrity or self respect? Do you blog and talk or vent about all of what you expect him to do and how he is this and that – not a good this and not a good that. With all of your expectations it seems that he would be a good provider. Kelis – Get it Together!
  2. Boyfriend #2 -– dude! Ok this dude Pleasure P has got a problem well I guess not because there is some women out there that will be out in the club/lounge singing this song while popping her fingers. She will know every word too. However, I just think that the song is not a good look. I mean really, the first one don't seem to be doing it right. Well if that is the case why and I still with him? Oh and it just sounds like you wanna be my fuck buddy not my boyfriend anyway. This song is a just another way for bullshit to be acceptable.
  3. Is It Okay to Search Through Your Man's Phone and Emails? We've all been there before. Your man's phone rings while he's in the other room and you're so tempted to see who's calling. Or he leaves his computer on while taking a shower and you're dying to check out his email. Is it okay to snoop through his stuff or are you opening a door you may not be able to close. I don't do this sort of thing but it's something that seems to be up for debate often. I just feel the need to go through a man's stuff and be with him. If I get to the point of wanting to snoop, what's my purpose? There is no trust and I should move on, right? Well I am appalled that this was a worth a spot on the internet as a question posed that had several comments. Is this really newsworthy?
  4. Usher and Tameka – so you didn't really know who she was huh? Tameka, you thought that you could change him and control him huh? - This marriage was such a disaster. He spent so much time trying to over compensate how happy he was and that she is the love our his life and she is that and She is that – dude, are you serious? Who are you trying to convince? Evidently... you.
  5. Jon and Kate – I am so tired of hearing about this and all of the tabloid coverage. Are they really newsworthy? I mean really? And they have 8 kids.
  6. Rihanna and Chris Brown – dude so now Cover Girl is ready to use her again and He is will be picking up trash on the side of the road huh? Ok cool. Can we move on now? I am not saying that there is anything proper about this situation. I just feel like there is more to this story but shit. It's really not any of my business so
  7. Perez Hilton - dude, I have so many names that I want to call this person but I will digress. He needs to get it together as well. Maybe he and Kelis can hang out.
  8. Leoria Sanamu Conway –- she the ex of Curtis Conway who is not the husband of Laila Ali. This heffa has decided that she is entitled to Laila's financial records and possible in heritance. WHAT? Lady, are you serious. The nerve some people. To make matters worse, do you fuck with Laila Ali lady? She can so whoop your ass and get away with it. This does not sound like a well thought out plan Leoria. Not to mention, was Curtis Conway even really a NFL Star?
  9. South Carolina's Governor Mark Sanford – he needed to get his Argentinean swerve on huh? I wonder if his wife was mad because he cheated or because it was this chick names "Maria"? lol. I do feel bac about these lil boys. I believe that they have 4 young sons. They have to deal with this fool that needed to go all the way to Argentina to get caught getting some ass. I recall a certain president that didn't put us in a recession and even had a great economy and happieness going on in this USA but was almost impeached for getting head. He didn't use tax payer money to get the head. It was free and the world was a better place. Not to mention it was a local breezy. Shout out to Monica!
  10. MALE BITCHASSNESS – It's still an epidemic especially amongst men that cant man up and say what's on their minds. The ones that can't keep it real. The ones that hide behind their beliefs to not have to tell the truth. The ones that ask you to give so much but then don't feel the need to give back. The ones that waste your time and feel no regards for your transparency. The ones that do not appreciate have no respect or feelings for wrongs done. GET IT TOGETHER AND STOP BEING FULL OF BITCHASSNESS. You know who you are.


Just my $0.15.




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