Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Rant Vol. 2 – a piece of mind

It is amazing to me that we as a society can make and break a person.  We build them up and break them down.  We then ridicule, judge and point finger which is all very easy to do once whatever skeletons are out for public.  Each of seeks approval of someone and each of hopes to be liked and respected.  Some people get off on making others feel like shit. Especially when a person is no longer able to defend his or herself. Is there ever any real peace in death?


Death is death no matter who it is.  There are families mourning, children that will hurt and have a hard time moving on.  If you have ever lost someone unexpectedly or known someone that succumbed to an illness, you know that this is a lot to deal with and is life changing.  The hurt you feel is unbearable. My best friend lost her dad last year and she hurts every day.  I have another friend that lost her father 6 years ago – she is still hurting.  I watch these people try to find a new normal and try to continue with their lives while missing, loving and thinking of their fathers.


You don't have to agree with anyone's' lifestyle, stereotype, circumstance but in death we all deserve respect. Think about it.  None of us are perfect or live perfect lives.  We cry when are sad (some when happy)… we make public and private mistakes.  How would you feel is some of your private mistakes were public? How have you felt when someone said something's about you that may have or may not have been true?  What would you do if your skeletons came out of your closet?


I have listened to the radio and and facebook as well several outlets.  Everyone has an opinion which is their own right but do take into consideration – whatever you put out there can not be taken back.  We all want to be respected and in death – why not the same?


This is just my $0.15



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