Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get Focused, Man!

"Stay focused on Him, the husband He has for you, may be closer than you realize "
a friend said to me the other day. I am so over feeling that love wont love me back. I fall into like and something happens. I dont push the issue and i dont force it. I liked him and he was not secure enough to like me back. I sometime want to scream LAWD, WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN? I am trying my best to be patient but I am just not meant for it. I MUST FOCUS. I thought it was him. I felt like it was suppose to be him. he made me feel things I hadnt recalled being there. He made me FOCUS and pay attention to each and every word said. He encouraged some changes in my life. I was FOCUSED.
Remember the feeling you got when you first fell in love? What about the process of falling in love. The way you feel. The way it feels when you think about the lover, hear your lovers voice, smell your lover when they are not around. Its the butterflies. The butterflies in your tummy sweaty palms the anticipation of that first kiss and each kiss after that kiss. how it made you feel? the first date? I do and want to feel that way again. Can you imagine...cuddling with that special someone on a dark stormy night their arms around you making you feel safe? How about a candlelight dinners, flowers and/or a bubble bath by candlelight. Then the sensual massage. How about falling asleep in their arms afterward?
I must FOCUS.
how do i get to place where love finds me and loves me back?
I digress.
and FOCUS!

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