Monday, May 25, 2009


Frustration can be a vicious downward spiral. If you become frustrated with your work, it becomes that muchmore difficult, which leads to more frustration. When you're frustrated with the actions of another person, your attitude toward them will often reinforce their offensive behavior and increase your frustration. In frustration, there is resentment, and there is alsothe desire for positive improvement. Forget the resentment. It will only make the situation worse. Focus instead on the motivation to make things better. That's the positive side of frustration. Use the energy of your frustration, not to lash out inspite and resentment, but rather to go forward in a positive manner. Don't view your frustration as a chance to feel sorry for yourself. See it as a way to identify opportunities for improvement in your life. Make the effort to remove resentment and self-pity from your frustration, and it becomes a powerful positive force.

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