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You read it correct. No need to wipe your eyes or shake your head. I am making a statement that is sure to piss someone off but WHATEVER!!! It is what it is…


I hope some STUPID GUY reads this and understands that I am not truly trying to clown. I am simply making statements and trying to bring forth some reality. REALLY… I just have a low tolerance of stupidity. There is nothing worse that a stupid person but a STUPID MAN. His stupidity leads me to have a lack of respect for him. It is just the truth and it kind of sucks.




Just in case we are not clear…. STUPID IS AN ADJECTIVE.


stu·pid (stū'pĭd, styū'-)

STUPID by DEFINITION is:        

  1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
  2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
  3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless:

     a stupid mistake.

  1. Dazed, stunned, or stupefied.
  1. Pointless; worthless: a stupid job.

A stupid or foolish person.


Now saying that and making sure that we are all on the same page. Let me tell you a story.


I know this guy that is hella cool. He is nice looking, well groomed, disciplined, motivated, ambitious, respectful and basically a "GOOD CATCH". A good catch that we will call… uhm…Charlie. I thought he would be great for another friend, we will call her "Polly". I kind of spoke it up with both parties and attempted to encourage a connection. He and Polly had great chemistry (well so I thought) and got along great. They started hanging out all the time and I thought that it was a GOOD MATCH! He seemed to be into her. I must say she played it pretty cool with him and put no pressure out there. She presented a possibly of interest and there would be a great friendship with a possible opportunity for… (I know how much we love that friendship word…). So… in the midst of the foundation building, he brought up that he was interested in this other chick, we will call her "Lucy".

So, Charlie and Lucy had been talking on and off for a while and he was really feeling her. He confided to Polly that Lucy is all over the place. She is not sure what she wants and not sure if she is ready for a relationship. She is into him one minute and not paying him too much attention the next minute. Even with all of this he spent time with Polly but still wanted to pursue Lucy as his potential mate. SIDEBAR – I give him points for being honest but still. However he is steadily chasing this (not so attractive girl named Lucy) that is not sure what she wants. So finally he seems as if he is going to attempt to pursue a little beneficial with Polly.

Is it really worth chasing a person that does not want to be chased by you. Do you really want somebody so damn bad that you will not see what is before you. We all claim to want someone that is into us. Someone that does not want to intentionally hurt us. Someone that is wanting to build with us. RIGHT???? Well why is it that SOME are not able to see that SOME other people are not capable of doing that.


ISSUE ONE: I heard a woman tell a man – "I do not if I want to be with you since you are the only man trying to holla at me right now"

WTF! Are you serious??? What is that to say to a person??

Let me tell you what stupid guy did… He just took it and is still trying to be there fore her.


ISSUE TWO: If you care about someone, I mean really care for them… DO you treat them like shit… I have seen this same woman – be in the same place as STUPID GUY and talk to all his friends, laugh and be in the face of a bunch of other men and even exchange numbers with other men in front of him. YET IN STILL… What does STUPID GUY DO… CHASE HER MORE!!! UGH!


This blog is dedication to all the stupid as men that just settle for bullshit when they do not have to…






"Love, curiosity, freckles and doubt."

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