Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am in love with love but right now I am trying to be in like

I have come to terms with this. I AM IN LOVE WITH LOVE!!!

i LOVE the thought of being in LOVE, i LOVE the desire to LOVE. i LOVE falling into LOVE. i LOVE the thoughts associated with LOVE. I LOVE the way the hairs stand up on my arm when I hear i LOVE you. i LOVE making LOVE and expressing my LOVE (mentally, emotionally and physically and even spiritually). i LOVE that there are so many forms of LOVE and so many things to LOVE, ways to LOVE... i even LOVE what it takes to be in love all things of love are lovely to me.

i LOVE me and being in LOVE with me and feel like I have so much LOVE in me and so much to learn about LOVE. I have not always been this woman. I am and have been a true work in progress. I have lived some life. not much and I look froward to more... after all I am only 29. In this journey I have learned that you must love yourself in or order to LOVE LOVE.

love. the thought of it makes me warm and fuzzy but most of all it provokes thoughts. Who is he? Where is he? What is taking him so long? Am I ready for him? What do I have to lose?

Yes, As usual, a series of thoughts going through my head in a millisecond but at this moment I am in like and I am in LOVE with the possibilities.

Falling into Like… hopefully some LOVE. We shall see though it’s too soon.

Well. After the re-introduction comes what is this feeling I am experiencing. It has something to do with my sweetest desires beseeching plenty of pleasant thoughts. When you are getting to know a person, you feel them out. You sit on the phone and talk. Talk about all sorts of subjects, time periods, past and present. You take a moment to see what they feel about the world. In this midst of the exchange of information, one may be able to determine if this person is worth continued dialogue.

Sometimes I get gitty when I hear his voice especially when he says my name. He has a way of making me feel special. I like this feeling. I like the way that I smile real hard when we are having a conversation and I tend to hang on his every word. I really listen to what he is saying and how is feeling on things. The best thing about falling into like is you learn a lot about yourself in the process.

SIDEBAR ----------->à "Falling in love" is a mainly Western term used to describe the process of moving from a feeling of neutrality towards someone to one of love. The usage of the term "fall" implies many things: that the process may have been in some way inevitable or uncontrollable, risky or putting the lover in a state of vulnerability, that the process is irreversible, or all of these things, in the same way the word "fall" is used in the phrase "to fall ill" or "to fall into a trap". The term is generally used to describe an (eventual) love that is strong, although not necessarily permanent.

We sit on the phone all night as if we were 16. We talk, listen and learn. Its beautiful. I learn your likes, dislikes and desire while you listen to my point of view and encourage my passions. We are slowly becoming we and it’s just simple. There is no red tape. We are direct, honest and intrigued. Our conversations are awesome. We talk about any and everything. Sometimes sexy. Sometimes sensual. Sometimes passionate and peaceful. Sometimes silly and serious. We cover all the bases. He makes me smile. I mean smile BIG… bordering a teenage blush. It’s cool and it feels good.

It’s simple and comfortable. I guess we shall see where it goes from here. As of right now. I am just riding this ride until it stops.

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