Tuesday, July 1, 2014

35 by 35 (hopefully before 36)

Now I am knocking on 35 in just 3 months.  There is still some hope.  Some of these things I am still hoping to make good on.  Ha.  There is some interesting commentary below.  It is amazing how my thought process was when I created this list and how I see it now.  There are some not gonna happen things below that I will exchange for something else and there is some things that I hope will happen before I turn 36.

35 BY 35
1.       Get a new passport – I plan on doing this as soon as possible.  I have some big plans and it is necessary to have. In the process

2.       Hookah Lounge
3.       Step Class (ole school Chicago stepping) maybe a Pole Class instead
4.       See Jill Scott in Concert again (she is amazing and I love her).  Almost went to see her this past weekend but my work schedule didn’t allow it but there is still hope.
5.       Go to a Philadelphia Eagles game
6.       Host a wine tasting event
7.       Go on a cruise – stamps on my passport uhm…. Im not sure about this one anymore after all those boats were having all those issues but I am thinking that I can still make this happen while 35 – we shall see
8.       Vacation with my girls – a real girlfriend getawaywell… technically this happened last year  (Vegas) but all my girls didn’t make it – DO OVER TRIP
9.       Host a brunch start to finish at my house (garden party) – I love to cook so I want to plan the menu, decorate, make real invitations – the full event (I’m crafty). – technically I sent invitation and we went to brunch.  It was awesome but I havent hosted one at my house yet.
10.     Build my savings – uhm…. Yeah… still a work in progress
11.     Attend the Essence Festival and actually attend the concerts
12.     Develop a creative business for myself that I will actually grow
13.     Put a dent in my student loans – That awesomely wonderful HBCU education is/was expensive - uhm…. Yeah… still a work in progress
14.     Complete my book(s) and publish them - uhm…. Yeah… still a work in progress
15.     Move out of Los Angeles again (improve my quality of life by growing up)
16.     Vacation with a man that I love (hopefully but we shall see – this is an entire post of its own) - smh
17.     Start bartending again – I miss it.  I miss the social aspect the intensity and if you don’t use it you lose it
18.     Stay involved with my Alumni Association (Fisk University) where ever I am
19.     See a Broadway Show in NY
20.     Take a craft class (possibly beading)
21.     Build another scrapbook of something monumental event
22.     Purchase a fantastic pair of Designer shoes
23.     I would like to be married or at least engaged – yeah that’s not looking good but that’s ok. I sure wish…
24.     Visit some of my blog buddies or at least one (there are a couple that I would like to meet in person – they already know who they are) – may happen soon.
25.     Go Camping with all the specialties. I am not really and outdoorsy chick but I have had some conversations that make it sound fun.  It will be a group outing that I will have to coordinate but I may be up for the challenge. 
26.     Learn more about wine and sangria
27.     Start sewing (using the machine that I already have for real – I need to make something good.  My mom has these awesome patterns from the 70s when she made all her clothing.  I admire that about her.  She tried to teach me when I was younger but I lacked interest).
28.     Take my mother and grandmother on a vacation
29.     Road Trip by way a Diners, Drive in and Dives – I love Guy
30.     Ride in Hot Air Balloon with someone special
31.     Grow a garden.  Not truly my thing but I hear that it is relaxing.
32.     Get to a healthy me (workout and eat better and lose some weight) - still a work in progress
33.     Become more involved with Diabetes Prevention Charity
34.     Visit Daddy’s grave – still not sure if I am read go.  I need to make that happen.
35.     Convince my friends to hold me to this list. – Everyone seems to be going through and dealing with something.  It tough but let’s see what I can get crossed off the list by October – December.


★Starrla said...

I'm so glad you reposted this because it made me think of the one I made that was inspired from the first time you posted this!!!!!

Freckles said...

#24 starrla


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