Friday, February 21, 2014

I want to kiss him

I want to kiss him and feel his breath so close to my face that I can feel his spirit.  Feel his lips against mine with excitement coming across us together in our kiss.  The fervor that keeps us motivated to learn our delight.  Our kiss is more than powerful and not a game.  It’s just us lip to lip, close, interlocked and neither able to get enough of the luscious taste. 

Kissing him makes me feel the need to be close to him in an intimate way.  Be able to breathe him in and breathe out all doubt.  In that same breath it is our escape of all the worries of the world.  It is just he and I and me and he. Together in a kiss of passion and pain to sorrow and joy – experiencing an overabundance of emotions.  Just he and I experiencing each other in a kiss. 

I want to kiss him gently until he feels my heart beat his name in unison with his thoughts.  Thinking of all the conversation yet to be had and already anticipating our next kiss.  Within a moment there is only two. two arms to touch two hearts holding two souls that caress two lips in one kiss followed by another then another then another. It all feels so good and oh so right. It is safe, secure, uncomplicated, uncompromising.  It’s just a kiss. 

Each kiss penetrating my thoughts and stimulating our expectancy. Kissing him makes me feel he joined with me equaling us in plethora of kisses. One here, one there and one here followed by another there and there.  Our ability to be one with self to another. Mutually beneficial, sensationally sweet, delectably passionate, particularly intimate and sensual but not always sexual.  

I want to kiss him generously in thankfulness of our ancestors that worked so hard praising Him for another day allowing us this moment to be together to learn what it feels to be free.  Free to kiss each other privately or publicly displaying our affection of admiration towards each other.  Be able to look into his eyes knowing that our kiss will move mountains, make nature stand still and change the color of the sky.

Kissing him makes me feel special and gives me the ability to hear his words without ever being spoken.  It is honest, true and sincere which makes me think of the most High where it is written to focus your mind on whatsoever is pure.  His lips make me understand that passage and I purely want to kiss him.

I want to kiss him in real life and in all of my dreams.  Be able to wake up and know that my dreams were as real as real can be.  In my dreams he will kiss me and me only not to be compared to any other as our kiss is all our own and never to be shared or even duplicated.

Kissing him makes me want to be there for him - be his friend and one day his companion but in this moment we just kiss. No expectations. No immediate motives. No questions. Just the magic of a kiss that leaves me wanting more.  More time to kiss him until lemons are sweet and gravity defies physics. 

I want to kiss him. Just kiss him.  Learn him. Breathe him. Hold him. Know him. Kiss him, Lip to lip, eyes closed with no worries. Passionate. Whole. Sweet. Sensual. Just our kiss. Together intertwined. Tasting our joy. Just kissing him making me feel my desire to just be in this moment in our kiss.  One day, he will be there and we will have that moment of magic.Our kiss wont have words or definitions.  

~Love, Curiosity and my Freckled Thoughts~

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★Starrla said...

Yesssss!!! Lately I have been missing that aspect of companionship. The kisses.

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