Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Relationship Rant: Thoughts of you

I heard a song today that took me to a place of loving you.  Well when I felt the love from you.  A place where we were on one accord and in sync.  It was a happier time for me when we were an us. We were we and speaking of a long term contract that would hopefully turn into nuptials at some point.  We moved past and lived in the moment not truly coming into a complete now.  We allowed our past to fuel and drive us but maybe I was the closure you needed.  

I often wonder about you and how your life is now.  I guess it is more to your mindset.  Are you happy?  Do you ever think of me?  I have always cared about your well being.  You will always be a special person in my heart no matter the circumstance.  You were a bright light in some dark times. 

I heard a song today that made me think of you.  The song brought me joy.  It made me smile and it made a warm feeling come over me.  In the moment I wanted to call you and tell you all about it.  Share in the same moment and possibly bring a smile to your face.  I wanted to erase the time that has seperated us and just be in that moment.  It was melody of us never sharp and never flat.  the harmony was smooth and sultry and the lyrics were soothing.  It was us.  Then I came back to me as the song ended.  We are no longer and neither was the song playing.  It was just over but I could still hear it in my mind.  It is wonderful to have a memory of when.  I miss it.  all of it. and you.

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