Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013 - The Year of the BREAKTHROUGH

2013 will be a great year. 

It is the year of the BREAKTHROUGH (Im claiming it).  Financial BREAKTHROUGH, Emotional BREAKTHROUGH, Mental BREAKTHROUGH, Heartache BREAKTHROUGH, The PAST is just that and FORWARD thinking BREAKTHROUGH - Positive affirmations and thoughts. Whatever strongholds in life will not hold me captive any longer - in order to GROW to the NEXT LEVEL there must be CHANGE - CHANGE isnt easy but it is necessary.

I have dwelled in this place long enough.  I have had more than enough pity parties, woe is me, complaint sessions and Lord, do you see me moments.  I have unconciously pushed away some friends by not allowing them to there for me or support me while I have been going through these moments.  I have neglected some important relationships.  I have held onto the past far too long.  It is done.   It happened and there is nothing that I can do change any of that now.  I can only change those not so great attributes that allowed those moments that are in the past. BREAKTHROUGH

There will be good days and there will be not so good days.  That is alright.  As long as I continue to wake up in my right mind... I know that God is moving in my life.  I can feel him strengthening me and preparing me.  I am not sure for what but I am going to be patient and more aware of Him.  I am going to be more in tune with my strengths.  I am going to write more and say it like I feel it regardless who reads it.  I will still not use names to protect the innocent or the guilty. I am going to read more blogs especially from my favorite bloggers who have built some amazing relationships with - looking forward to meeting so many of you in the new year (Let's make it happen).
This year is going to be awesome.  I cannot wait to see how I am going to be blessed and moved to my next level.  I cannot wait to experience my BREAKTHROUGH.  I am so excited and feel an amazing release on my spirit.  I am so grateful for this peace that is slowly coming over me.

Praying PEACE, LOVE and BLESSING in the NEW YEAR for all who have read this blog, shared it with someone and shared a comment. 
I appreciate you more than you know.  It is encouraging to hear from you, read your emails and tweets.
Happy New Year! 
Everything is going to be AMAZING!!!!



1manview said...

Wishing you a great day
And Better Tomorrows...

Happy New Year...

Freckles said...

1ManView, thank you dear. Miracles and Blessings this year for you.


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