Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday's Words & Lyrics: Closer by Goapele

Closer To My Dreams
Coming Over Me

I’m Higher
Closer T
o My Dreams
I’m GettinGettin’ g Hig
her And Higher
Feel It In My

Sometimes It Feels Like I’ll Never Gon Pass From Here
Sometimes It Feels Like
I’m Stuck Forever, Ever
When I’m Going Higher
Closer To My Dreams
I’m Goin’ Hig
her And Higher
I Can Almost Reach

Sometimes You Just Have To Let It Go (Let It Go, Let It Go)
Leaving All My
Fears To Burn Down
Push Them All
Away So I Can Move On
Closer To
My Dreams

Feel It All Over My Being (In My Being)
Close Your Eyes And See What You Believe

I’m Moving Higher (Higher), Oh...
I’m Going Higher And Higher
And Higher (Higher And Higher)
Closer To My Dreams (Higher And Higher, Oh...Oh...)
I’m Moving Upward And Onw
ard And Beyond All I Can See
Stretching Out My Arms So I Can
I'm So Close
It's Like I Can Just Reach

I Can Feel My
Dreams (Closer To My Dreams)
I’m Moving Closer To My Dreams
Sometimes It Feels Like You
Never Gon’ Change (Never Gon’ Change)
But You Never Choose
To Walk Away



Mahogany said...

I absolutely love this song! Great pick

Freckles said...

me too. she is awesome in concert too.

Don said...

Can you believe I've never heard this song and vaguely remember the artist?

I know, I know...

1manview said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

May love fill your heart
While peace surrounds your soul

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