Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 21: Food and/or Beverage

It is no secret that I love to eat.  I enjoy food.n love to cook food.  I am THANKFUL that I can cook.  When I went to college in Nashville, I assumed that ALL southern girls knew how to cook.  Boy, Stererotypes... Well needless to say that the several of the girls that I met in college didnt do much cooking.  So I use to cook and sell dinners out of my room - there were times that I just cooked and we all ate.  I love what some would call fancy food.  I like foods and Lord knows I love soul food.  With all that said, I LOVE and am so THANKFUL for FRENCH FRIES. 

Kind of crazy, I know but there is something wonderfully special about fries and they can be more than just a side.  I like french fries, crinkled, steaked, loaded waffled or with cheese and/or pastrami.  mmmm delicious. and almost nothing goes better with FRENCH FRIES is one of my favorite things to drink when able to sit back and relax .... TEQUILA.  It feels kind of crazy to say that I am THANKFUL for TEQUILA but it does make me happy.  

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Reggie said...

I must say that I absolutely love French fries too.....they are the bomb diggity. I'm not so much in love with alcohol though. Over the last year I admit I've drank more wine that I have in my whole life. But still, compared to most people it's not much. I probably have consumed a bottle of wine a month....and I've never done it when I was alone. I do like the taste of a good scotch, but I haven't had any of that in a very long time.

Rather than alcohol, I think I'd just prefer a nice steaming cup of Café DuMonde that, I do love.

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