Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6: Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves: (in no particular order)

Ø  Inconsistent people

Ø  Inconsideration for one’s time or feelings

Ø  Folks that straddle the fence. Either it is or it isn’t.  It can’t really both nor can you have both.

Ø  Multiple personalities

Ø  People that feel it is ok to pop up with out and preface

Ø  Heels that need taps. I hate the sound of nail scraping up against the concrete.  Just take them to get repaired or don’t wear them

Ø  Having an itch that you can’t scratch

Ø  Speaking out of your neck instead of your head.  Think about your statement before you speak it.  Once it’s said… Mean what you say when you say it.

Ø  When people call you and then do not answer when you call them right back.

Ø  When things are not urgent and I am rushed.

Ø  When people generalize me into a category before they know me.

Ø  Helpful people aren’t helpful. Do not say it as if you only mean it. Don’t offer assistance if it’s conditional.

Ø  People that do not respect customer service people.  I know some folks that work customer service are not always the happiest of people but some that responsibility is on the customer.  Some hold the cliché to heart.  The customer is not always right.  Just because you feel like you are paying for a service does not give you a free pass to talk crazy, belittle or even pass out threats.

Ø  I hate to see children on leashes.  It doesn’t impact me directly but I do not like to see it.

Ø  Incorrect uses of THEIR/THEY’RE/THERE, ACCEPT/EXCEPT, SPECIFIC AND PACIFIC – these are two completely words.  Btw, CONVERSATE is not a word and the correct usage is CONVERSE but some of yall are going to say the latter than the correct anyhow but it’s one my pet peeves.


DianaBoss said...

Absolutely nothing unreasonable. All valid!

Freckles said...

Thanks sis.

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