Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4: My Parents

As a girl when my parents were fully in love that they would dance in the living room. They were good and suave.  You could feel the passion in their every move.   I knew then that I wanted that.  I wanted to feel the kind of love they had in those moments.  They were so in love that they created us (my sister and I) in their love.  They planned us almost to the day.  We were both a few days early but we present nonetheless.  When my daddy died, my mother was there.  She grieved him too. 

They were a sharp couple.  My mother use to tell me stories of them going dancing and how folks would step back and just watch them glide across the floor.  They enhanced each other once upon a time.  There was a a happy time in my childhood that it all just felt real good.  The love was there.  I want that.

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