Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 14: A Picture of ME from last year - how have I changed?

Yall not tired of pictures of me yet??? 

Well... honestly, I havent changed all that much from last year but life has changed from last year.  Last year I was very much in love with a wonderful man. The love came into play rather unexpectedly but it was genuinely appreciated.  We also parted ways last year and that crushed me. I love so hard and throughly with all that is in me and when we broke up it was unexpected again.  So yes I was crushed.  I wrote about it a bit [once upon a time he hurt me].  Its amazing how one can feel so many different emotions in a matter of 12 months.  If I have to say what changed with me outside of me finding my MOJO [read about it here].  I am coming into myself again.  I am feeling myself a bit too. 

in this picture I made the headband and the earrings. Just sharing my creativity.

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