Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 12: Something I do not leave the house without

Thursday I was kind of rushing to out of the house.  I was in the midst of my window.  The time that makes a difference on me making it to work on time or being late.  I have to leave my house in a timely fashion.  I stayed up late as I have been looking for a more career stimulating position so I was up late and had a hard time getting out of my bed. A super hard time followed by moments of repeating myself over and over in my head stating that its time to get up.  I know better and I have to do better. I had already prepped my fit for the day so that was not really going to be an issue.  I curled my hair in advance as well.  I made it out the door then realized half way to work that I hadn’t put on any earrings.  I frickn cannot stand being without earrings. Even more so than my cell phone to an extent.  Though it’s very sad that we live in a day an age where we are more attached to our cell phones that we are to people.  I do not like to not have on any lip gloss as I never know who I may run into or meet.  I prefer to be put together and presentable any time I step away from my home.  That is just the kind of woman I am,


Don said...

Hmm. Cell phone would be something I hate leaving home without, and of course deodorant and cologne depending where I'm headed.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

I'd say lip gloss and my cell phone are two things I never leave home without. Can't go all over town with dry lips. Now that I work for Uncle Sam, I also always have my military ID with me. It's become an extension of my body lol

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