Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 11: A Quote that I LOVE

Never allow someone to be your PRIORITY while allowing yourself to be their OPTION

– Mark Twain

I have been guilty of this more than a few times in my 32 years.  I am a giver and even more of a people pleaser.  It has gotten me in trouble in my past but those were CBE (character building experiences).  Once upon a time I wasn’t as comfortable in my own skin.  I didn’t recognize my own self worth.  I allowed other’s desires be my own.  There was a time when I wanted to be more of what they wanted opposed to what I was.  It was my priority to please.  When things changed and I came into myself and made me more of the PRIORITY – it all just felt real good.
In my OPTION state, I have cared more for some than I did myself.  I love hard, completely and unconditionally.  I would go so far as to say that I fall in love with the concept of love first and then all the possibilities.  When I have fallen for the person I give and give and give.  I make myself available.  The kind of available that sometimes spurs late nights and early mornings followed by empty dwellings though he is just not ready to be exclusive to me.  The kind of available that when He is not inthe mood for SHE, HE will call ME.
I’ve seen it with people that I love and care about.  They allow themselves to be disrespected, belittled, and unhappy for the attention of someone else.  They love without the same kind of loving in return.  In this instance they allow themselves not to be their PRIORITY.  It's all easier said than done.  I suppose we all play the fool sometimes.  I guess we live and learn but this quote is always a reminder.


Don said...

Freckles, you mean to tell me that you're really going to listen to what some dude named Mark Twain said???

Just kidding. Lol.

Great advice, good reminder.

Freckles said...

its always a good reminder. mark was wise and somewhat crazy but this is one of the most wonderful things her ever said. It makes you think.

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